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City still upset over the Clover case

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webmaster | 06/12/12

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  • A man who left his name said, “I just wanted to comment on the governor and how he is trying to get taxes raised. It reminds me of my four kids. When wanting to get their way they will get something taken away from another. It’s a form of blackmail when you think about it. If you don’t give me the tax increase I’ll start punishing everybody.”
  • “Hey Madera, $6,082,” began woman. “You’ll never get it from her. No jail time. Madera, you don’t care. I’m disgusted and ashamed to say I’m from Madera. Four hundred hours of community service at the (animal) shelter. I want her watched. Maybe I’ll go down myself and watch her. I do not trust her. There is no justice for Clover.”
  • Another “first time caller” said, “the woman got three years probation plus a fine. Poor Clover. Madera, you failed him.”
  • A lady said, “Those of us that have to travel the poorly maintained county roads everyday send the Madera County Supervisor of your district the repair bills for front end alignment for our vehicles.”
  • A caller asked, “Do you know when the Ellis Street overcrossing will be open for use? I read the Tribune daily and haven’t seen anything. If you could find out and print it that would really help.” (Editor’s note: The project is scheduled to be completed late this fall.)
  • “This message is hopefully too late,” began a caller. “The election is over. It’s time to take down the signs. Especially, Farinelli, Whelan, and Austin. They are now just eyesores.”
  • A woman called “on behalf of AT&T. I’m calling with good news from AT&T with fantastic news about a new pricing structure.” The Red Line cannot respond to telemarketers.
  • A caller “responded to the Madera Tribune headline of June 9 that said, ‘Rally targets birth control measure,’ by Sara Parnass, or whatever her name is. I think it is very wrong to state the headline that way. It was not about birth control. It was about our religious freedom. It is a miscommunication and I think it’s wrongful to say it’s about birth control.”

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