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A cheese factory here ‘would be great’

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webmaster | 06/04/13

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  • A man “called about the lady that left the message about Obama being harassed. If he is being harassed it seems all the questions they are asking Obama they should be asking the Bush Administration. He’s the one that caused all the riots in the Middle East, the 50 deaths. All the scandals that are going on you can blame H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Rumsfeld. They should be charged with war crimes. Leave Obama alone; he had nothing to do with that.”
  • A lady, “sitting and reading the Red Line,” said, “a lot of people are shocked over the Grand Jury report. Well, a lot of us who work at the county are, too, because Eric Fleming really hasn’t done anything. The Board (of Supervisors), for once, has taken a stand and made elected officials and department heads accountable. Some may be leaving. Well, we have two here right now that are more than welcome to leave. Maybe their offices would run better and without so much trouble. I would like to know who the Grand Jury talked to.”
  • A woman was “very outraged and upset because the Board of Supervisors. In the (not understood) department there is certain personnel that get double pay and get raises and promotions. The rest of the department doesn’t have that luxury of even getting raises. The board of supervisors is part of the general fund, but they don’t get furloughed. And the rest of the employees under the general fund are furloughed, are not allowed raises or to hire staff. They are understaffed, underpaid and their morale is very low.”
  • A man who “has been going to the parks in Madera” said, “I watch my grandson play Little League. Every time I go there is someone smoking in the park, which is not a good idea because of the dangers of secondhand smoke and it causing cancer. I wish someone, the Board of Supervisors (actually, it would be the City Council), or the health department would get together to have a smoke free park. To my understanding, someone has already gotten in touch with the guy who runs the parks and his name is John. I don’t know his last name, but evidently John hasn’t done anything because there is still smoking in the park.”
  • “I’m calling about Chuck Doud’s Editor’s Corner,” began a woman. “I think having a cheese factory in Madera would be great. Also, like they had in Kerman several years ago, was a chocolate factory. Also, this idea from back east in Michigan, they used to have cider-milk there. They would crush apples and make cider — just some more ideas for our town and things to do.”
  • A man said, “I just wanted to thank the principal at Thomas Jefferson for the great work he is doing.”
  • But a woman said, “I cannot believe that Thomas Jefferson replaced our administrative assistant with a young person who thinks she knows it all and is trying to be in control of everything. And the principal lets her. Plus she’s rude. Even if you walk in with a smile she is rude. Teachers are complaining. It is just not a good thing. I am a concerned parent and the way we are treated is not right. I plan on going to the district office and tell them how things have changed so much and there are so many unfair things happening here.”
  • A woman “called about an article, I believe it ran May 11, about the Madera South softball team. The coach said she wanted to give the kids prescription drugs to calm them down. She should be ashamed. It is disgraceful. She owes the team and the parents an apology. It is unbelievable. She has done nothing but bully the children and make them feel bad about themselves. We need a new coach.”
  • A man said, “a while back you guys ran a story about, I think her name was Leann Ballard, she was trying to run over her boyfriend with her car and she got arrested. They said her trial was postponed until after she had her baby. Maybe I missed it, but I haven’t seen any more about it. I wonder if you could find out what happened to that case.”
  • A woman wanted to know “if it was possible for The Madera Tribune to post who has swimming lessons for small children.” (Note: The Parks and Community Services Department offers swim lessons. Call 661-5495 for information.)
  • A man said, “you need to start running the Ramblin’ Rec on Mondays again. I have children who play sports and I like to keep up on the activities in Madera and at the Youth Center for kids and the leagues for adults. What happened to it?”
  • A man “responded to the grades of athletes at Madera South (High). I’ve seen a lot of that with coaches caring more about the athlete’s sports than his grades. I would say to the (school) board that they have students maintain a true “C” average to play sports or any other extra-curricular activities. Not a “B” combined with a “D” to average out to a “C” or an “F” to average out to a “C” because of an “A” in an easier class.”
  • “Did you know the (school) district is hiring teachers to sub in case there is a strike and paying them $250 a day, and giving them training in curriculum and lesson planning,” said a woman. “Yet, the board keeps telling us we have no money. This is really bad.”
  • A man said, “When is Madera going to wake up and start getting people who can run this town instead of having the school board in turmoil. You need to go somewhere else. We need people who can help. This little town, that used to be so great, is now going down in the dumps. We need to get some industry in here. Madera, you better wake up.”
  • A man said his wife and he on June 12 were “at Cleveland and North Lake streets, and we witnessed a police patrol car, black and white, pull into the corner at a sidewalk vendor setting up. He took a bag of ice out of the patrol car and delivered it to them. Since when does the police department deliver ice to street vendors? That’s public tax paying dollars. Also, did the vendor even have a permit to sell food? I doubt it. It really irritates me that this cop delivered ice to this vendor on my tax dollar.”

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