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Can one stand in a high-speed train?

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webmaster | 09/25/12

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  • A man said, “shouldn’t we hire a superintendent for our school district who lives in our community, and why should the other people he hires not be from here? Are our Madera folks not good enough? I’m also wondering if all MUSD new hires are Hispanic? I just hope they’re the best people for the job.”
  •  “I want to thank Food for Less for their donation to the (Madera County) Food Bank,” said a woman. “Yet they deny the elderly and the handicapped from shopping in their store. You are the only store in Madera who has refused to get electric carts for the disabled.”
  • “I have called many times before,” said a lady who left her name. “Candidate for Supervisor District 3, Rick Farinelli, knows now, first hand, what landlords, business owners and farmers are going through. I am a farmer and a landlord. Also, I have this battle with the city for cleanup and graffiti, as if it was my fault. The gangs have tagged water pumps on the farm, the alleys, garage doors, businesses and shops and the city gives me a fine and tells me to clean it up and the taggers go free. I pay my taxes and the employees who gave me the fine. I place the blame on some of the judges and attorneys. When it comes down to affecting your property and your family then we’ll see whose side you’re on. What goes around comes around.”
  • A man read “Tuesday’s (Sept. 18) paper and had to laugh at the headline story. I think Rick Farinelli needed the publicity and planned the whole graffiti tagging of his sign and the follow up."
  • “What has happened to the Ramblin’ Rec,” asked a man. “My kids are in programs and I play sports and I like to keep up with what’s going on.”
  • A gentleman called “on the new water meters that were installed in the community. I cut 53-minutes per week off my watering time and several other things around the house, and changed my habits to save water and my last bill still jumped quite a bit. They must be hiring people from that other country or across the border to read the meters. Maybe, with the new garbage contract we’ll get a discount that way from the city.” He paused and then concluded, “I doubt it.”
  • A man wanted “to congratulate the city employees for painting all the crosswalks, working all summer long in the heat. It was a heck of a job. Now they are painting all the red curbs. It looks really good. Way to go city employees.”
  • A man “wanted to make a comment on the 47 percent (victims) that Mitt Romney made a comment on. The liberals are looking for anything to say or do about Mitt Romney. It isn’t a big deal, but thanks to the media and the liberals really trying to make something out of nothing because that’s all they have. Come on people, let’s get some real proof.”
  • A woman spoke on “the after-school program, Learn for Life. I am a parent, and they are not well equipped. They have no supplies. There is no structure. When I go there, it is just a lot of wandering around wondering what to do. They need to look into that.”
  • A lady said, “I believe Leon’s (Emo) column today,Wednesday, Sept. 19, in the last paragraph, every student from middle school and up should be required to read it. It was a great article.”
  • A man called “on the front page story on the new council member Robinson. I think you used an extremely poor choice for a headline. It leads one to believe that he ran for city council to take advantage of a cheap real estate deal that he can manipulate. I think you owe the man an explanation on why you used that headline.”
  • A woman after “returning from a funeral” said,“ I can’t get over the courtesy and professionalism of Jay Chapel. They are competent and there for you no matter what. They’ll help you do anything and help you through the whole process.”
  • Aman responded “to the people who like high-speed rail. My question to them: Have you ever road in a high-speed rail? Did you try to stand up going 220 mph? I guess you can sit down for four hours. If this is such a good thing how much money did (governor) Jerry Brown invest in it?”
  • A woman called “on the teacher that wouldn’t let the child go to the bathroom. I think that was very cruel. If she would have done one of my kids that way I would’ve urinated in a can and thrown it in her face.”
  • “This message is for the postmaster,” said a lady. “You might want to fix these mailboxes over here on Williams (avenue). Hopefully you can resolve the problem and get our mailboxes working again.”
  • A caller asked, “how many times do we have to see Bridezilla in the paper? We just saw it again on their first anniversary.”

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