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Callers ponder upcoming election

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webmaster | 05/22/12

All comments are edited for length and content. Because of content and space limitations some comments may not be published. More than one comment from the same person in the same week will normally not be published. If your message contains profanity it will not be used. Please keep your calls to two minutes or less.

  • “I’m just calling about the (traffic) lights over on Kennedy and Schnoor,” began a woman. “It’s at the end where all the construction has been finished for quite some months. I just would like to know when they will be turned on.”
  • A hard-to-understand lady thanked “D.A. Michael Keitz for participating in the drunk-driving awareness program sponsored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).” But she hoped “that drunk-driving plea deals are not being made.” She mentioned the “Rick Farias drunk-driving case in which two people were killed. It’s time for the D.A.’s office to do their job and punish these people to the fullest extent.”
  • A woman called “in regards to Mr. (Gordon) Skeels’ letter to the editor, Friday, May 10. He said that voters don’t want amateurs, but I’m thinking voters do want amateur politicians. One of the candidates has over 30 years experience in business. He started out sweeping floors and ended up with 12 national plants with million dollar budgets he was responsible for. I personally call that experience in business and not politics. I remember in 2010 voters voiced that they were tired of professional politicians.”
  • A regular caller asked, “Does anyone know if, in the election, we’re going to vote for mayor? If so, I hope we get him for four years.” He also wanted to know “why we don’t vote for city manager? We need new blood, new vision.”
  • “I’m calling for people who need to vote in the 2012 election,” began a lady. “To people who say they don’t want a Mormon for president I say, wake up people. You are voting for a president of the United States, not for a pastor of your church.”
  • A woman “agreed with the gentleman about the (median) islands in the city. How about fixing our roads first? And let’s take down some of these top dogs that are making big salaries instead of hitting the smaller person.”
  • A lady who left her name and address said, “the paper was left in the walk and it got wet and was all soaked. Can I get another one?”
  • A woman called about “the teachers that were laid off,” but due to so much background noise the remainder of her message could not be understood.
  • A man responded to last week’s caller who said if the parents can’t keep control of their kids they should pay for those kids breaking the law. “Well, I think he’s still wrong,” said this week’s caller. “And also I would like to see how good is this man’s word when he said ‘anything to clean up this town.’ I challenge this man to watch a teenager 24/7.”
  • Another man responded to the woman who last week complained she couldn’t park her car on the side of the house. “If she doesn’t like it, move to the country and she can park it anywhere she wants. If you live in the city follow the rules of the city.”
  • A woman went shopping, and she “was excited to see Rancho Berenda tortilla chips at the store. They are manufactured locally by the Warnock company of Madera and these are the best chips in the Valley. The Warnock family has done a lot for the community.”
  • A lady had a message for “Mr. Arredondo of Madera Unified School District. “Where is the after-school program you suggested a while back?”
  • Another man said, (MUSD trustee) president Ricardo Arredondo “and those who organized the removal of the Club YES program should be held accountable for their actions. I wonder what the penalty for this kind of blunder would be in the private sector.”
  • A woman “wanted to know if anyone knew any information about the nice lady who used to sell her crocheted items near the Save Mart on Howard Road? I haven’t seen her for two or three weeks and was hoping she is all right.”
  • “I received the voter guide through the mail,” began a lady. “I want people to know that the candidates have paid for their information and it is not an endorsement of any one of them.”
  • A man asked, “is Madera going to ever have one of those electronic waste collections again so the people can get rid of their computers and things?”

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