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Callers have news about dogs

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webmaster | 04/17/12

All comments are edited for length and content. Because of content and space limitations some comments may not be published. More than one comment from the same person in the same week will normally not be published. If your message contains profanity it will not be used. Please keep your calls to two minutes or less.

  • A man responded to last week’s caller about “potholes on Melba Road. There are potholes all through Madera. You need to call your local congressmen. Congress is in office to take care of it. They’re taking care of other things like women’s rights and all that. It’s the Republicans’ fault. We’re supposed to have infrastructure. They didn’t even want to do that.” He then said, “You can narrate my writing. This is the third time you missed what I say and Ibelieve what Isay is very important.” (Note: guidelines are above including space and content limitations).
  • A woman had a message “for the lady who said dogs were getting groomed using food stamps. She needs to get a pair of glasses because it does not say they will pay for it, but (instead) it is discounted and applies to lower income people. And that other lady who complained about the motor homes over by Pac ‘n Save. Plain and simple, don’t drive over there. Go somewhere else.”
  • A man called on the same lady “complaining about RVs at Walmart. She might be interested to know that it is private property. They are not only allowed to park there, but are encouraged because the people will shop at Walmart and Pac ‘n Save. It happens all over the place in any Walmart parking area. She should be more informed before she starts mouthing off.”
  • An elderly sounding female voice said, “Ibelieve all those viruses dumped in the rest homes is done by a spy of Barack Obama. This is the plan being implemented to get rid of the old folks so they get them off of Social Security.”
  • A man “agreed with the woman who called about having to go to Fresno to get a dress. I moved to Madera some 30-plus years ago and at that time the population was less than 24,000. Yet we had some relatively classy stores for a town that size. Now the population has more than doubled, yet we have 12-14 dollars stores and more coming and we still don’t have any classy stores really left in the center of Madera. There are very few, really good shopping stores here.”
  • A woman, on the same subject said, “Just what we need in Madera, we’re having a casino built, and more dollar stores. Woo hoo! And we’re shopping for clothes in Fresno. This is really going to bring a lot of people to come to see Madera because we have the most dollar stores. All right! How dumb is that?”
  • A “longtime Madera resident” called “to complain about our (county board of) supervisors.” Then he said, “I’d like to thank them for one thing. All of us medical marijuana patients that have to go out now, go to the streets, go to the drug dealers, and risk ourselves to try to get our medicine. Now they’ve they fixed it so we can’t even grow our medical marijuana.” He said it is too costly for lamps and electricity inside. “All we need is to do it in our own backyard under some good old natural sunlight.” He suggested “if we had someone on the police department who won’t sit back in their chair until they retire and not stir up anything, we could get some of this meth off the streets. It’s everywhere.”
  • “The best thing Madera High did this year was get rid of the girls varsity soccer coach,” said a woman.
  • A woman “wanted to know why the Tribune never, ever puts anything in the paper about the JV girls soccer team at Madera High”. She mentioned several accolades “and great athletes on the team.”
  • Another hard-to-understand woman called “about the free food giveaway at the church on Ellis (Street). I was told to get in a line and had to pay $30 to get my food. In the other line I was required to give a cash donation.” She also mentioned “three women who were handing out the food that were cranky and rude.”
  • A couple of callers responded to the man, last week, who had been trying to catch a little black dog “out by the old radar station.” One lady (name given) said, “the dog has been caught and adopted by a nice lady and her young son. He has a good home. Thank you for being a good Samaritan.”
  • Then the lady who caught and adopted the dog left a message. “I just wanted to say the little dog has bonded with me and is very lovable. I’ve named him Sam-I-Am and it’s all good. Whoever wrote about the little dog, he is safe now.”
  • “A native Californian and concerned citizen,” said, “this high-speed-rail thing is just a bunch of crock. America was built on the automobile. The train is not going to work. It is costing us thousands of dollars. If they want to help, lower the gas prices.”

Thank you for your calls. Remember the Red Line is open for your messages 24 hours a day by calling 674-4478.


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