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Callers give school board a bad grade

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webmaster | 03/06/12

All comments are edited for length and content. Because of content and space limitations some comments may not be published. More than one comment from the same person in the same week will normally not be published. Please keep your calls to two minutes or less.

  • “Thank you, Jon Barsotti, for a wonderful letter last Monday,” said a woman. “I hope everyone got to read it and what’s going to happen to the casino here in Madera if the Indians can’t get their act together. People came from all over the world and got back on their feet. It’s time for the Indians to do the same thing without casinos.”
  • Another lady left a different message. “The casino will create hundreds of jobs when people are standing in line for hours just to get a single job. It is not about religion or sin. It’s about the livelihood of people and families that need to survive.”
  • A woman “wanted to know when the Catholic Church started turning people away. We went there for Ash Wednesday about 6:15 and the security told us we couldn’t go in and had to wait until 7 o’clock. Never heard of a Catholic church turning people away. If they are doing that it may be time for me to find another religion.”
  • A woman left a scratchy message about a letter. “Really (name not understood), artificial contraceptives are the cause of higher divorce rate? The breakdown of families? Bad for our environment and our economy? Whew, I thought birth control meant family planning.”
  • A lady called with her own correction. “I called last week about the RV parking at Walmart and Save Mart parking lot on Cleveland. I’m sorry it was the Pac ‘N’ Save across from Walmart. I hope you can correct that. Thank you, so much.”
  • A man called about “the water main, pretty much in the middle of the road in the northbound lane, near Madera South. It doesn’t make sense when it’s all closed in the middle of the road.”
  • A woman referenced “a letter by (name not understood) dated Feb. 27. I want to let the Tribune know by posting these letters they are right-on about the subject of abortion. Thank you for having the Red Line.”
  • “Once again, nothing about the Coyote baseball games,” said a woman. “Just the scores.”
  • There were so many calls about the Madera Unified School Board the Red Line had to condense similar messages. “Why would you trustees conspire to throw out Trustee Bob Garibay who has served the board well for 20 years,” said a man. “Those two (other) trustees are the ones that need to go.”
  • Another message said, “I hope the people and parents of Madera realize that trustee (Lynn) Cogdill and his two cronies, who he is backing, are trying to create a board where there is no discussion, no give and take, just getting what they want. One more hand-picked person by Cogdill and he’ll have his majority if they’re elected. Not exactly a democracy.”
  • Another man “noticed trustee Cogdill gave his name when he called the Red Line. I think a trustee or any elected official should write a letter to the editor instead of the Red Line. By you printing his name it just gives him a free and easy way to tell his views.”
  • “I am (name given), I am 21 years old. I was at the (school) board meeting Tuesday and president Arredondo and Trustee Rodriguez disrespected the integrity of their own board. Their action is one reason why I don’t get involved in politics. Those two should never be in a leadership position.”
  • Another man who gave his name said, “after reading the article about the school board meeting I wonder how much longer before we will read a headline on charges the leadership of Madera Unified School District was unethical and bordered on criminal conduct. This is a disgrace.”
  • A candidate for the school board (name given) said, “Mr. Arredondo and trustee Rodriguez played ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ on the electronic translator, and they play games with the trustees and the public. The self-serving beliefs of Mr. Arredondo and Mr. Rodriguez are not doing Madera Unified School District any favors.”
  • “I couldn’t believe what I heard at the school board meeting,” said a woman. “A school board member calling another member a liar and wanting to recall him. Also, a person running for the school board using language that a child would be kicked out of school for using. These two men running are a terrible example for our children. Maybe we need some women on the board.”
  • “I hope Trustee Garibay runs again,” said a lady. “And I pray that other, good people, step up to run for office besides the two that are running for the board now. I won’t vote for either and I sure won’t make the mistake of voting for Cogdill and Arredondo again.”
  • A woman “wanted to thank Mr. Doud, the editor-publisher of the Tribune for printing the commentary by Michael Reagan. This is Friday, March 2, and it was great commentary. I hope you continue with Reagan.”
  • A familiar voice, “a concerned Californian” that has called many times on the same subject, said, “I’m concerned about all the high gas prices. I was born and raised here and it’s sad that the oil companies take advantage of the people living here. We need to change our governor. I hope Californians can unite,” and repeated himself about “the oil companies taking advantage of Californians."
  • A woman said, “the Chukchansi tribe has left nothing but a big black eye for any other (not understood). They are greedy and they want to get rid of people. Also, I believe they only pay for one (Madera County) sheriff’s deputy. Yet, every time we see them on TV there’s 10 or 15 deputies. The Chukchansi Indians should have to pay for those deputies. Thank God all Indian casinos are not greedy and selfish like you.”

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