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Callers express little optimism

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webmaster | 03/25/14

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  • “We have a new, narrow layout of the paper today, and I can hardly read it. I don’t like it at all. Everybody’s face looks funny in all of the pictures. Please change it back.” (Editor’s note: We have had some problems with our printing plant, and so have been having the paper printed by an outside shop which uses the narrower paper, as do most newspapers in California. The Madera Tribune is one of the few newspapers in the state that still uses the wider page size, which is why the narrower page might look odd to some readers. We have tried to solve the distortion problems that occurred on the first run, which is the one to which the caller referred, and are making progress in that regard.)
  • “To our leaders of the City of Madera: I was down there in Herndon, and saw a new Target that was supposed to open here. But it wound up over there in a very nice shopping center. Here in Madera, all we have for shopping is Walmart. That’s it. And to the person who said about Madera being the dirtiest city, he or she was right. You see cars parking on lawns; you see chickens in town. Madera has become a dump. I hate to be down on Madera, because I used to be proud of Madera, which I am no longer. I don’t understand it. That’s why people will do their shopping on Herndon.”
  • “I just read this article about dogs and children at Lions Town and Country Park. That’s why I carry pepper spray. If there’s any dog on the loose, and it comes toward me, I’m going to spray him. Keep your dogs on a leash.”
  • “I was just watching Greta van Susteren on Fox News, and she has just stated that Mama Obama and her daughters and her mother who are on their way to Beijing are not going to give any interviews. But the government is paying 100 percent of the expense. That sounds like a vacation to me. Why do we have to pay for her to go cruising around that country, and take her daughters and even her mother with her. That is wrong, people. We need to put a stop to this.”
  • “This is a comment about the races at the Madera (District) Fairgrounds. We used to put up with them on Saturday night when the fumes and the particles of rubber and dirt rained down on our houses and lawns, but now we’ve started on Friday nights, practicing, and this past week it was even more nights. I would suggest that the board of directors of the fairgrounds in all fairness should spend an evening anywhere around the perimeter of the races, and listen to that noise, and if they think it’s okay, so be it. At least they’d have an idea of what we’re putting up with.”
  • “Okay, already, with the wisecracks about Madera. I’ve figured it out. Madera is a paranormal hotspot for aliens. Too bad mama never taught them to clean up after themselves.”
  • “You see Love Madera signs around town. So, I ask, What do you love about Madera? Do you love all the junk cars and trash in yards? Do you love a Post Office with no parking? Do you love a downtown that looks like Tijuana? Do you love that there’s no shopping except for Walmart? Do you love a city and county rated one of the dirtiest in the state? Do you love the road conditions in the county? Sorry, I don’t love Madera, but I’m stuck here.” (Editor’s note: The Love Madera program frequently results in community cleanup campaigns, and in providing help to those in need. If you are truly concerned about that, why not join in?)
  • “This is about people in Congress quoting the Pope. What next? Judaism? Budhism? Or maybe the Jehovah’s Witnesses or the Mormons? And when they’re through dancing with all the religions, will they get some work done. When will the American people get a turn?”

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