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Callers decry hiring of supe

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webmaster | 06/19/12

All comments are edited for length and content. Because of content and space limitations some comments may not be published. More than one comment from the same person in the same week will normally not be published. If your message contains profanity it will not be used. Please keep your calls to two minutes or less.

  • “I see abandoned shopping carts all around the city of Madera,” began a man. “It’s an eyesore to everyone. I also see people pushing these carts to gather trash from all the bottle bins, hauling groceries home. We need to stop and clean up the city. We should initiate an ordinance and anyone caught in possession of one off the premises of where they belong should be fined at least $500.”
  • A woman called “on the new restaurant on Olive (Avenue). I was very disappointed in their service. I walked into the restaurant with two other friends and they didn’t even acknowledge that we had showed up. Never came to our table to ask if we needed menus. I was very disappointed. I won’t be going back and I’ll be telling my friends and family about the bad service.”
  • “I want the Madera County Supervisors coming out to these poorly maintained streets,” said a woman. “I need a front end alignment and new shocks. Who is going to care for my car now?”
  • A lady said, “myself and thousands of other Madera citizens are so disappointed and in shock at Judge Rigby’s decision in that animal abuse, the dog Clover, case. Are you kidding me? The fines and court costs are levied only if she can afford them. That should be mandatory. If nothing else, put her on a payment plan. If she misses a payment put her back in jail. I’m sure her and her family are thumbing their noses at the judicial system.” The caller also suggested if “you get a petition in the mail for an animal abuse registry, sign and return it.”
  • “A city worker,” and regular caller said, “since we, the city workers, agreed with the city, now they are taking more from CalPers, taking more medical and what do we get, layoffs. That’s what the city workers are getting. We’ve earned the right to work. The taxpayers pay us.”
  • A caller, after attending a special council meeting Friday night said, “I went to City Hall to listen to all the directors make their budget cuts. It was pitiful listening to (City Manager) David Tooley say how hard this was for him and the rest of his protected ones to lay people off. Hard? I’m surprised lightning didn’t strike you and your directors. I don’t see any of you on the layoff list.”
  • Another caller suggested, “If the already overpaid big wigs in City Hall and the directors would take a 2 percent pay cut it would save a lot of jobs. But of course that wasn’t even discussed.”
  • A woman called “about the massive flock of swallows off of Santa Barbara Estates. It is illegal to knock them (their nests) down once they’re complete and you need to spray them down before they are finished. It’s amazing the swallows have flown into this area.”
  • There were so many calls about the “hiring of a deputy superintendent for Madera Unified School District” that all of them cannot be printed in the Red Line. The gist of most of them was as follows: A lady said, “you’re laying off teachers and hiring more management? And at $140,000? What a waste of my vote when I voted for any and all of the current school board.”
  • A caller said they “were looking through the CSEA booklet and discovered the item about layoffs. A member can be laid off because of shortage of work or lack of funding. I encourage all classified people that lost their positions because of what the district and board said was due to lack of funds to sue to get their jobs back. The district obviously has funds since they created a new position titled Deputy District Superintendent at $140,000 plus benefits.”
  • “We don’t need another administrator,” said a woman. “We need more teachers. What’s wrong with you people on the school board? I will be sending my child to private school beginning this year.”
  • A man said about “the new superintendent, it’s quite interesting he’s in charge when the head superintendent is not here, but his wife is the principal at Lincoln Elementary School. To me that is a conflict of interest. We’re not flying by the rules anymore. This guy was let go down in Southern California for no apparent reason because a stipulation of silence was added into the settlement. You should be checking out the school board and the people that do the hiring.”
  • A man called and said, “I think the Red Line is good for Madera. But I also think the Tribune should have somebody else for the Red Line besides Leon Emo. Someone who is not so biased. (Note: All staff can access the Red Line with the editor having final say on the content.)
  • Another man, “a Madera farmer,” said, “I was disappointed with Emo’s column on Friday. His father was a good friend and flew my crops for many years. I always looked forward to his column for Father’s Day and he never mentioned his dad this year.”
  • A woman called “in regards to Obama’s immigration law to give the students that were born here through no fault of their own by their parents. If it wasn’t for these Hispanic people farming on my property and working on my farm we wouldn’t have our fruits and vegetables picked and people here in Madera County would not have fruits and vegetables on their table. I agree with Obama’s immigration law and am so happy I don’t have to worry about losing my employees because no other ethnicity will work my farm.”
  • A lady said, “if you’re going to plow in or near the city check with air quality control first. Because I will report you for all the dust and you will get a stiff fine.”
  • A man said this “about the Chowchilla kidnapper being released this month. I suggest he be paroled to the Cotton Club in Chowchilla on Saturday night at 11 o’clock. Then that he be introduced and if he could make it out the back door he would be free.”

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