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Callers critical of local incumbents

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webmaster | 04/08/14

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  • A woman called for a fresh political start. “After watching the debates, please do not vote for any incumbent. Let’s get all-new blood in Madera County. Even if they don’t have someone running against them ... don’t give them the satisfaction of thinking they’re doing a great job. We need to clean everybody out.”
  • Another lady also commented on a local candidate forum. “First of all, I could not believe the representation [incumbent District Attorney] Mr. Keitz made about his office and morale issues. I personally work in that office and morale is horrible. It is a very dysfunctional office and it’s very inefficient. I’ve personally witnessed attorneys crying at their desk more than one time, multiple times. They’re so frustrated and exhausted. The 80-hour work week is what is expected in that office … Attorneys with (only) two years of experience are prosecuting homicides … Everyone is terrified to speak up and those who do are retaliated against and made examples of.”
  • A third female caller had related concerns. “I was at both the forums for candidates for district attorney and I’m just a little confused. Mr. Keitz states, and I quote, ‘Attorneys have great morale’ and claims he is doing a great job. If all this is true, why are his own attorneys not backing him and why are none of the law-enforcement agencies backing him? In fact, the Sheriff’s Department and Chowchilla Police Department are backing his opponent David Linn. I believe these are the people we should be listening to.”
  • An online reader disagreed. “Keitz is a tough-on-crime, no-nonsense law enforcement professional and I enthusiastically support his re-election ... I have the utmost trust and respect for District Attorney Keitz.”
  • A woman responded online to sheriff candidate Greg Noll’s commitment to build a sheriff’s substation in Madera Ranchos. “He can promise anything to get elected, but how does he propose to pay for it? Madera County is in the midst of an economic crisis due to a record drought. I think it is disingenuous and irresponsible to make promises that come with a high price tag.”
  • A female caller mused: “I’m curious as to why, if our school district has $2 million to bid on a building for the new office, that they don’t reduce class sizes. It seems to me that adding more people at the district office level and buying new buildings while teachers have 35 and 36 children in their classroom makes absolutely no sense if the school district truly believes they’re there for the children.”
  • A man, who said he was an Iraq veteran, called to defend the U.S. president and first lady’s travels in contrast with former President Bush’s wars. “I’m very upset at that lady or whoever else who talks about the President of the United States or Mrs. Michelle Obama, because they’re doing it right. They’re doing it the international way. They’re not jumping into wars and costing the taxpayers money.”
  • Another man called to defend dissent. “I want to voice my concern about the person ... who said we should leave our leaders alone ... et cetera. What they don’t understand is that’s how this country got great was by dissent and assent. Things like The Red Line are marvelous because they give people an opportunity to share their beliefs, their feelings, with others. And it’s that kind of discussions that have made this country the America that it is. And that’s why we have all these freedoms ... It’s not bad, it’s good, particularly in an open forum like The Red Line.”
  • A woman warned of fake overdue bills from a Connecticut company calling itself “Home Emergency Insurance Solutions.” She said, “I’ve been receiving letters and so have other residents in Madera regarding water service and your exterior wall line not being covered through homeowners insurance. I called Madera city utilities today and they mentioned it was a scam.”
  • A male caller is fed up with those seeking charity. “Enough of the beggars. Someone gets an idea, something they want to do, they send out the beggars. Someone dies, they send out the beggars. Even the dog pound here in town has an ad in the newspaper, more beggars. Why can’t the people do things for themselves?”

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