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Callers burned up over fireworks

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webmaster | 07/08/14

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  • “I hope this is the Red Line because, since I was already angry then I was very annoyed because I had to use a magnifying glass to even read the stupid phone number to call the Red Line off your paper,” said a woman caller who was unhappy about fireworks. “When I picked up the paper this morning, I was so angry at the Madera city fire marshal that advised people to fill a trash can full of water to put out fireworks and we don’t even have a drop of water to water our lawns. These people selling fireworks shouldn’t be stupid people, whoever they are. They should be selling something else that doesn’t start fires or terrorize animals. I’m really angry about the whole thing.”
  • Another woman caller, also on fireworks: “Fireworks. Isn’t it time to put a stop to fireworks stands and setting off fireworks at home? I know they will say they’re using the money for charity, but people dying from air pollution don’t need charity, they need clean air. Thank you.”
  • A male caller commenting on a lawsuit against the sheriff’s office: “It’s extremely disgusting and shocking to hear what has been taking place in the sheriff’s office. John Anderson and Michael Salvador are both responsible for allowing Michael Pace to act that way. And be a sergeant? That is really really terrible of the sheriff’s department. Also, Salvador? You just lost my vote, so there you go, buddy. That’s what you get.”
  • Another reader, commenting about that lawsuit: “After reading Saturday’s paper about the lawsuit against the sheriff’s department, I’ve decided not to vote for the undersheriff, and give my vote to Jay Varney. It’s plain there is a coverup within this department, and it’ll cost us taxpayers a lot of money. What this Pace did should be considered a sex crime and be arrested as so! If someone said the things about my daughter as Pace said to Roth, there would be a lot of ass kicking going on. Pace should be fired and should have been fired in the past; Salvador should be demoted, and this should be a blemish on Anderson’s history in office.”

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