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Caller defends Madera High football coach

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webmaster | 01/03/12

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  • Several people said, “about that dog that was abused over on Harding (Street), I too think people who abuse animals should have their picture printed in the paper. They are criminals.”
  • A woman “thanked everyone in both the city and the country for putting out Christmas decorations this year. Thank you so much. Everyone enjoyed them, from little children to great grandmas.”
  • A lady called “to wish our troops a very merry Christmas and thank you wholeheartedly for keeping us safe in this country and allowing us to celebrate another year. Bless you.”
  • A man said “this message is for Tami (Jo Nix), could you have her call me back?” He left his name and phone number.
  • “This message is for the lady who wanted to know why children are out of school for three weeks for the winter break,” began a woman. “I wanted to shed some light on the issue that we are experiencing budget cuts in the state. We are getting furloughs and more furloughs so the children are now out three weeks. We can be expecting even more days off in the future.” This week’s caller suggested “you might want to read up on some budget cuts and how they impact our school- age children.”
  • A man called, but his voice was so soft spoken the Red Line could not understand his message.
  • A caller said, “the board of directors of the fairgrounds has approved a new five-year contract for auto racing which we understand has a declining participation of fans. Apparently, no consideration was given to the noise and the discomfort of the patrons of the city. Was it even discussed about the opposition? Why not build a beautiful park for all of Madera County to enjoy. How many of those directors live in the noise zone of the racing?”
  • “I wish you would get your facts straight,” began a woman who was speaking about a gentleman’s funeral service. “He has not had a service yet. It will be in the middle of January. Call Jay’s Mortuary and get yourself straightened out. Thank you.”
  • A man called in response to last week’s caller who “criticized (Madera High) coach (Scott) McKinney. If you were a man you would say that to him in person instead of behind someone’s back. If Madera High had a quarterback that could throw 5 yards they would be a totally different team instead of one-dimensional. It is easy to say negative things about someone, but not so easy to say something positive to them in person. Coach (Randy) Blankenship would have had the same trouble this year as coach McKinney. Kids quit under Blankenship, not coach McKinney. Too bad you don’t see it that way. Anytime you want to talk Xs and Os go see coach McKinney.”
  • A “city worker” was “really disgusted with Gov. Jerry Brown and his eliminating of RDAs (Redevelopment Agency). The RDAs have done good and he says it’s for the kids. That (school) superintendent and the other ones better not be getting no raises.”
  • Another caller said, “I am ashamed I voted for Brown. Our local RDA has done so much for this town. My son now can walk to school on a sidewalk instead of through the mud when it rains. A friend now has a home he can  be proud of and there are so many other things. I think Mr. (Jim)  Taubert and the others should fight, rebel, somehow save our RDA. Otherwise, this town will not see any more improvements.”
  • A lady called to say “how much we enjoy Bianca Chavez’s column. Almost as much as we enjoy Leon’s (Emo) column. We hope she keeps it up. Good work for her and we love to read anything she publishes.”
  • A woman “wanted to remind everyone that the (Madera County) Animal Shelter needs blankets, towels and all the stuff you were going to get rid of after getting things for Christmas. You can call 675-7891 to see exactly what they need. Please don’t forget the animals of Madera.”

Thank you for your calls. Remember the Red Line is open for your messages 24 hours a day by calling 674-4478.


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