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Big thank you to teacher from a mom

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webmaster | 06/18/13

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  • A woman “hoped this was the Red Line because it doesn’t have an answer on it anymore (after last week’s power outage), but I just wanted to tell my kids’ teacher, ‘thank you very much for a great job this year. They’ve learned so much.’ Unfortunately, at the same time when I asked if my other son could have the same teacher next year, I was told they don’t have a contract and may not be coming back. This is ridiculous. You have a school board that doesn’t function. You have teachers that want to teach. You have people not in charge of the school district that probably need to be fired. You have a mess. My kids have to go to a terrible school district. Not the schools, but that district office over there. For shame. Why do we have to put up with it? The school board needs to be replaced.”
  • A man said, “I just witnessed, for the third time, the aftermath of an accident on Yosemite Avenue between I and Q Streets. I think the city, or whoever is responsible, made a mistake installing bushes along the center divider on Yosemite Avenue. With speeds approaching 35 mph or more it makes it very difficult to cross Yosemite and see traffic coming with bushes blocking the view. It is worse at night because the bushes hide the headlights. I would only hope the city pulls out the bushes and replaces them with low-growing ground cover that would make it a lot safer.”
  • A lady called to ask if “Christian Melendez, on Monday’s story (June 10) ‘Valley Latinos Stuck in Poverty,’ is so poor, why does she have seven freaking kids? If she’s illegal why is she even here? She should take her seven little future gang-banger kids and go back to Mexico. Furthermore, she is probably supporting those kids by being on welfare that my taxes help pay for.”
  • A man “recently went into the Save Mart on Country Club Drive and an older gentleman who was handling my groceries was very, very rude. He was rude to the woman in front of me, too. That was surprising because I always get great service from Save Mart.”
  • “I got great pleasure in reading ‘Dilbert’ every morning,” said a man. “I no longer see it in your paper so please get it back.”
  • A lady wanted “to know when Mr. (Charles) Genseal is going to take down his ad campaign sign on the corner of Melba and Road 25. Also, when will Maintenance District 21 people hear about the survey we sent in regarding our road?”
  • “I loved the article from Jim Glynn about how to respect the flag” began a man. “We have too many people living here that don’t respect the United States or its flag. I was born and raised here. I’m a Mexican-American, but I have nothing for Mexico. Everything I ever received came from the United States. I will always respect the flag and God bless America.”
  • A man called “about (Leon) Emo’s column about Father’s Day. I knew his dad and considered him a good friend. He was devastated when his first wife died and yet the first thing he said to me was that he was going to make sure his kid was raised right. I met his son once at a dinner and if his father was still alive I would tell Leon (Sr.) he did a great job.”
  • A woman “just read the letter that Assemblyman Frank Bigelow wrote. Thank you, Frank, for standing up for rural California. You were a terrific supervisor and you’re a terrific Assemblyman and we can’t wait until you run for governor of this fine state, because you will win. Keep wearing your cowboy hat and remembering where you’re from.”
  • Another lady called on the same letter of “June 12. I would like to thank Frank Bigelow for the update and what he’s doing in the Assembly and his efforts to help us. Also, I would like to ask him to please not allow the bill legalizing the over-the-counter abortion pill to pass. It’s not right that we should have to worry about our children taking a pill that can cause them pain and maybe loss of life.”
  • “My family went down to the Elks Lodge for their traditional Father’s Day breakfast,” began a woman. “I wanted to buy my husband and father brunch, but found the place closed. I later learned that the Elks had it the week before. The week before,” she repeated. “What’s wrong with these people? You don’t celebrate Father’s Day, or for that matter, Mother’s Day the week before. I never heard anything about it and especially when they changed the date. Ridiculous.”
  • A woman was “coming back from the airport area and saw the new Farnesi’s sign. It’s really nice and I hope it will make people stop and eat there. And then I saw it in the paper (yesterday). The old sign was so discouraging. What a difference.”

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