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A big shout-out for Dave Berry

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webmaster | 07/30/13

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  • A hard-to-understand woman left a long message for District Attorney “(Michael) Keitz and his murder convictions. He didn’t prosecute any of these cases, but you don’t see the name of the (assistant district) attorney in the paper that is actually doing the prosecuting. He doesn’t do any cases himself even though there is a large quantity. Come on Keitz, if you don’t try the cases, don’t take credit for it — and why don’t you go to court like your predecessors?”
  • Another woman wanted to know “why did District Attorney Michael Keitz go with the sheriff’s department to the marijuana raid last week? Doesn’t he know he’s an attorney, not a deputy sheriff? They didn’t need his help.”
  • A woman responded to the man last week who complained “about people who get WIC and how they get fresh food for free. Shame on you for putting people down who are on low income and trying to feed their children, not all of us can afford Save Mart, so count your blessings.”
  • A “California Native American” left a too-long message in response to last week’s caller about “the Chukchansi and Mono tribes.” Unfortunately, due to background noise and interference the comment was not understood.
  • A caller said, “we are having this girls’ softball tournament in town this weekend. It will help our economy and everything, and people will be coming to Madera to do things. But you can’t get around town everything is so torn up. Between the lodging and restaurants they will be going to, if the local people can’t find their way around what are the visitors going to do? They probably won’t want to come back. It really worries me.”
  • A caller and “an ex-employee of the city of Madera” spoke about the person last week “who said their daughter had been robbed at knifepoint. That is so true. I asked why there were no cameras around the Youth Center or (Centennial) pool and their response was ‘don’t worry about it.’ I knew it (the robbery) was going to happen someday.”
  • A lady “wanted to give a big shoutout to Dave Berry for having his workers come out and paint our trees on Mainberry. They look beautiful. I know the trees are painted not just for the beauty of it, but for safety reasons and for that I want to thank Dave Berry. Great job keeping Madera beautiful.”
  • A woman “applauded the appointment of Mr. Ed Gonzales to be school superintendent. However, there was no mention of his teaching career at Ripperdan School. He was well respected by staff and parents at Ripperdan. Also the story said the trustees ‘settled’ on Mr. Gonzales. That’s not a very flattering description.”
  • “Your Salute to Ag” Saturday was your best ever,” said a man. “I especially liked all the color and especially the pictures. I’m glad you mentioned all the old crop dusters, like Ray Pool, George Williams and Leon Emo (Sr.). George later became airport manager. Again, great job.”
  • A lady said, “between Bill Coate and Leon Emo the paper has two jewels. I always read ‘Coate Tales’ and Emo’s ‘Meanderings’ on Saturday. I always enjoy his bike rides around old time Madera. I hope the paper is saving their stories at the library or historical society so years from now people can read and see what Madera was like in the good old days.”
  • A lady “went to the food distribution (Thursday mornings) at Lions Town and Country Park and today I received two rotten cantaloupes. They were in the bottom of my box and I didn’t notice them. There were plenty of strawberries but you had to pay two dollars. I’ve never had any complaints before, but that’s my only one. The two rotten cantaloupes should not have been given out; they should have been thrown out.”
  • A caller gave his name, then a computer message said, “an inmate at Madera County Jail” then the caller gave his name again, and the computer said, “and would like you to accept this call. At the end of this call you will have the opportunity to pay now and continue the call or open an account to pay for future calls. To accept this call now, press 1.” Note: The Red Line does not have fingers or a number pad to press.
  • A lady wanted “to report that she did not get Saturday’s paper, or a paper this past Monday.” She left her phone number.
  • A woman said she “might consider renewing my subscription if you put the Sudoku game in the paper every day. I know you can do it because you put it in the Madera Direct all the time. It is a game that has become very popular and would be enjoyed by your many readers.”
  • A man gave “kudos to (editor) Chuck Doud over his two recent rants about sleazy politicians. Keep it up Chuck.”

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