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Better to improve the Amtrak

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webmaster | 06/25/13

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  • A woman called “about the comic section of the newspaper. Why is it all over the newspaper?”
  • A woman responded “to the lady who complained about the Elks’ Fathers Day breakfast. The VFW has their breakfast on the first Sunday of the month, the Elks the second Sunday of the month, the Madera Odd Fellows and Rebekah lodges have theirs on the third Sunday of the month. They have had a successful breakfast on the third Sunday for 45 years or more. Father’s Day is always on the third Sunday. Mothers Day the second Sunday. Bye.”
  • “Mr. Doud, what’s wrong with you?” began a man. “This high speed rail thing, you say people will come here for it. It doesn’t stop here. They would have to drive about 30 miles in either direction to get on it. That money would be better spent on improving the current Amtrak rail.”
  • “I am reading the paper Tuesday morning (June 18),” began a woman. “Regarding the misprint, if that’s what you can call it, in the features section, page B3. The children’s third grade class from Ronald Reagan School in Chowchilla, you can’t even read it. I called a girl in the front office, and she said, quote, ‘we’re aware of it, but I’m not sure what they are going to do about it.’ I would think they would reprint it and do the students justice and also the sponsors. If I was paying for this big ad I would be very disappointed. Please reprint it.”
  • A hard-to-understand caller said she “was reading the Red Line about this Christine Melendez and her seven little kids that she called freaking kids and predicted them to be gang bangers. What school did she go to? Does she have any kids of her own?”
  • “Build it and they will come,” began a woman. “I’m not talking about football or softball fields. It’s over in the area by the Dollar General on (south) Highway 145. We really need a Starbucks over there. I think if you build it they would get a lot of business.”
  • A man “saw the article on Farnesi’s new sign. Looks good on paper, but I haven’t seen it yet. I also read today’s Red Line from the lady that says it looks good. It does, but it is too bad Madera doesn’t have the expertise or technology to redo a sign since they had to go all the way to Arizona for somebody to make money doing the sign. (Note: the sign company is headquartered in Arizona, but also has offices in California and Nevada.)
  • “I agree completely with Leon Emo’s column Friday (June 21) about the removal of all the old trees on Fourth Street,” began a man. “What is wrong with our town leaders? They seem very content to destroy history, and over 30 or 40 trees to put in a median with little trees and shrubs that provide no shade for anyone walking, riding or living on Fourth Street.”
  • A woman replied “to the man who got bad service and was treated badly at the Save Mart on Country Club Drive. I just wanted to say I am 75 years old and have been shopping at that store ever since it opened. I have always been treated with great respect. They are very kind, and very friendly. It is a wonderful place and I do all my shopping there. I was shocked when I read that. I think it was a one incident thing. It’s a wonderful store.”
  • A woman (who went past her time limit) was “reading the June19 paper where (county) supervisor Max Rodriguez talked in the Editor’s Corner. A few problems: he said, ‘High Speed Rail will impact people’s properties, but it’s not going to be as bad as people think.’ They are taking out farm land. This county is based on farm land and we need it. So yes, it will be bad. The other statement he made about water and almond growers concerns me. He said, ‘we see thousands and thousands of acres being planted with almonds. It’s like sticking sticks in the ground, sucking out the water.’ This is from the chairman of the county board of supervisors, where this county is rich in farmland. I hope that Rodriguez comes back and clarifies his statements. Almond orchards are not straw-sticks sucking out water.”

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