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Be optimistic about coming year

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webmaster | 01/04/13

Are you up for 2013? Can you be optimistic about the year to come? Please try.

Whether it’s in a newspaper, on network TV, cable or online, it seems that the media are scrambling all over themselves to be the leader in bringing bad news to the masses. Even if we hit a day when the news may seem bright or uplifting, the first thing the news reports is why it won’t last, or why the latest economic figures are the worst since whenever and are sure to drive us ever closer to the biggest, baddest, scariest word in the English language: … depression.

It almost feels like that is where they want us to end up.

Yes, we are in serious trouble, and I don’t want to minimize the circumstances many people are finding themselves in today, but the news media and self serving politicians are not helping matters by sensationalizing every single development, and/or capitalizing on people’s fears to obtain their political goals, regardless of whether that will help or hurt the economy.

It’s high time we turn off the TV, log off the Internet, skip the business section of the newspaper and stop listening to all the hot air being spewed out on the waves of communication. It’s time to take a deep breath and recognize that the best thing we can do is start living within our means, and where we can, lend a helping hand to those less fortunate than ourselves. It may take longer than we would like, but we will get through this because our economy and the American worker is and will continue to be, the final answer to our financial mess … in spite of pessimistic attitudes and the politicians who feed them.

Am I an optimist? You bet I am. And I believe that with a better outlook on life, we can improve our American way of living, at least on a personal level. Maybe we can’t all drive a fancy car or have that life-size TV with surround sound. Let’s put priorities back on people relations and not on material things. The Readers Digest has declared 2013 as the “Year Of Optimism”. They are calling it: “The year of hope, heart and happiness.”

We should all take a page for everyday life. Yes, they are yet another media source, but at least they can give us something to smile about. Here are some great quotes that we should remember for the year to come:

Fareed Zakaria, “This country has its problems, but I would rather have America’s problems than those of most any other place in the world.”

Anna Quindlen, “Life is made up of moments, small pieces of glittering mica in a long stretch of gray cement.” Let’s all take some of her advice, “love the journey … life is not a dress rehearsal, and that today is the only guarantee you get.”

Be optimistic and enjoy what we have today.

Kathy Row,


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