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Another look at Catholic message

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webmaster | 09/25/13

To the caller to the Red Line who didn’t like the “Catholics against Obama” bumper sticker. Were you able to read the bottom line message? If not, it says, “Don’t tread on my religious beliefs”.

These stickers were in response to President Obama’s efforts through his Affordable (?) Healthcare Plan to force every employer, even Catholic hospitals and companies like Hobby Lobby, to provide abortions and abortifacient medications to their employees. Not suggest, force!

This goes against their moral and religious beliefs. Is this O.K. with you, that the government has the power to make good persons participate in acts that they consider and believe are murder? I hope not.

As for your, “I thought there was supposed to be separation between church and politics in the USA:” NO! You are misinformed. The secondary authors of our freedom, God being the first, desired and directed that the government shall establish no religion. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...”

It does not say that the people shall not express themselves or go hide in your house because you have a religious moral compass and conviction. That would be 1930s and 1940s Germany.

Maybe the caller and I could get together for coffee and talk. Please call the Madera Tribune and ask for my phone number.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Editor.

Jon Barsotti,


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