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America, we will pay dearly for this

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webmaster | 09/11/12

It is difficult to understand, that in America, we have legalized the taking of a life, while at the same time, send convicted murderers to prison for a life sentence, or the death penalty.

Harder yet to see and hear the First Lady of this great land receive a standing ovation for declaring a woman has a right to choose what she does with her own body. Indeed! It is called, abortion.

Both President Obama and Michelle Obama are advocates of this cruel infanticide.

They often speak of good parenting, their special, terrific daughters ... and I’m sure they are, but would these parents give permission for such a thing as this?

Legality for this atrocity has gone from the first trimester to partial birth to not liking the gender — get rid of it!

How can we get away with this? We won’t!

America, we will pay for this!

Not my daughter! Not my son! One can hear it ring across generation after generation, only to someday (perhaps) face disappointment for the choices our children make.

Some of the talk show pundits have actually said Romney may be too nice to run for the presidency. Indeed. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a president who is “too nice” — a moral, decent man who, by the way, has experience in solving financial problems?

We hear many people say we must not infringe on anyone’s freedom of speech or freedom to choose, yet daily our freedoms are constantly trampled on: Pornography is “legal” but the Ten Commandments are offending some folks — remove them they say.

They did!

Listen carefully and you’ll hear echoes of the past, wishing we could change critical decisions when it is too late.

Hopefully, we will give considerable thought to what is happening and do our part.

One person matters. One vote matters. Omission is as negligent as commission.

If we don’t return to “One Nation Under God” we will reap whatever harvest we deserve.

Audrey E Pool,


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