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Agenda 21 may be serious local issue

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webmaster | 10/18/12

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what has happened to our federal government, the State of California and the County and City of Madera.

I was born and have lived in Madera all my life. Over the past 10 years, I have become more involved in the political aspects of our federal, state and local governments. Changes are being made in our community that will have a major effect on our children and the future generations of Madera’s children. This has caused me much concern, because I feel I was blindsided into believing that all is well even though major changes were lurking behind closed doors.

I have become aware that in 1992 the United Nations decided the USA was having a good and prosperous time enjoying all our hard work, and they passed a resolution called Agenda 21, that was signed by the United States along with 176 other countries.

Were you aware all this was happening? I didn’t and most people had little insight regarding the fact that the government was moving in a direction that would ultimately change where and how you and I will live, the way we travel and your mode of transportation.

Your freedom will be taken away in regards to how and where you will be employed. Government will regulate your every move and control the schools.

The adoption of the Madera 2025 Action Plan and the amendments to the city’s general plan include various sections of the UN Agenda 21 Plan. We must be aware of the process and learn about actions already taken by the City of Madera and understand how these documents will affect our families. We can no longer afford to have bad decisions by our elected officials continue to move our city towards a European 3rd world government. It’s time that we do a better job viewing the records of those seeking an office and determine if they are qualified. The “good old boy” qualification doesn’t seem to work anymore.

The voters in District 3 for the Madera County Board of Supervisors have an excellent chance in November to elect a Madera family man who understands how the economy works and grows. Government cannot continue to spend more than it has. I believe that Richard (Rick) Farinelli, candidate for the 3rd District, is the right person for this position. Rick has spent hours researching and becoming very familiar with Agenda 21 and is keenly aware of the effect it will have on our everyday lives.

Barbara Thomasson,


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