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2 views of officer vs. driver incident

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webmaster | 01/08/13

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  • A woman called “regarding the Madera Valley Water Company annual meeting for shareholders to vote in the new board of directors. They are meeting Jan. 17 at 6:30 at the corporate office on Road 26. I’m encouraging all the shareholders in the Country Club and surrounding area that is served by the company to come out and vote for some accountability. We have managers and supervisors who are doing personal favors for members of the board of directors. In spite of the fact we are being assessed $120 a year for projects, but they seem to have the funds to go and do projects for board members. Sounds like a conflict of interest and we need some accountability.”
  • A man “applauded the CHP officer who stopped that drunk driver, driving around with a gun and his gun permit. We need more involvement. Good job.”
  • Another man called “about the officer shooting last week (near Orchard and University Avenues). I know the officer and he is an awful officer. He thinks he is a great DUI officer and in fact tried to arrest me on a DUI. I actually won the case. I think it is funny he arrests hundreds for DUI and is going after somebody who wasn’t even drunk. And why did they call the CHP? Why didn’t they call Madera Police? I will give you the name of the officer (the caller did) and I think everyone should know his name and what he has done and what kind of officer he is. That’s corruption right there. At least that’s my opinion,” concluded the caller.
  • A man said, “I own a gun for home protection, used to go hunting and belonged to the NRA (National Rifle Assn.), but the all too readily available assault weapons are a menace to mankind and children. These are not hunting rifles or shotguns. They are called assault weapons for a reason. I am tired of the NRA bribing, blackmailing and controlling Congress in Washington. A dozen mass murders of kids, old ladies and even firemen on Christmas Eve in New York and you still use the same old rhetoric about our Second Amendment rights. Now I hear you are behind a petition to get commentator Piers Morgan deported for being critical of you. Then just a reminder, far more important than the second amendment you hide behind, it’s called the first amendment. First for a reason. It’s Freedom of Speech.”
  • “I too enjoyed the sidewalk story,” said a man. “But sad to say, on the 15-year-old girl being an illegal immigrant, it is like 99.9 percent of the people downtown.”
  • A caller left a message “regarding the article about a DUI checkpoint on December 31 (we think he meant Dec. 31) . Fifteen drivers were cited for not having a driver’s license, but they were allowed to have a license driver pick up their vehicles. They should have towed and impounded. The police department or whatever agency had the checkpoint could have collected couple bucks, and much needed funds, with impound fees, storage fees and a release fee.”
  • A hard to understand woman said, “Pershing, Lincoln and graduated in 1942 from high school. I read the Madera Tribune every day. The opinion page with Coate, Doud and cartoons and stories of yesterday are very entertaining. Jim Glynn’s story about the physical (sic) cliff should have been sent to Washington for all the politicians to read. Too late now.” The caller left her name.
  • A lady called “because yesterday’s paper said Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2013 and I just wanted to let you know it was Jan. 2. So there was typo error. Thank you.”
  • Another woman “agreed with the lady who said Red Rock (county disposal service) is charging us $45 for delivering our bins. I had to call today to see if I had a bill. I had a two months bill because they weren’t even ready to send out bills. I’ve been here 25 years and never been charged by BFI for delivering our bins. Red Rock is charging us $45-plus bills that we are not even getting. Once again the county of Madera has screwed the citizens of Madera. Thank you, Board of supervisors.”
  • A lady called about an “incident at Hinds Hospice. A young boy, maybe 7or 8 years old, accidentally bumped into something and broke it. One of the volunteers, not a supervisor, went ballistic on this child. She continued to yell and get in his face. I found it very abusive. It shocked the little non-Hispanic boy. She continued in front of lots of people in the store. I work with children. This was very abusive and I will call Hinds Hospice directly in Fresno. This lady should not be working with the public.”
  • A “longtime admirer of Jim Glynn, but he outdid himself on Jan. 3 when he wrote about new Congress and new challenges. A marvelous article, fiscally perfect, historically sound, however I would have changed it from new congress and new challenges to déjà vu, Déjà vu. Have a nice year, Mr. Glynn.”
  • “I read the letters Friday (Jan. 4) and what a difference,” said a lady. “The always depressing letter from Sam Pistoresi about the same old things and the upbeat positive letter from a lady named Kathy Row. Pistoresi should be happy he at least got one of his candidates elected. And if he believes that Rick Farinelli was really attacked by a gang member as he claims, he is as gullible as the other voters. One of these days the truth will come out and Farinelli will be exposed for the fraud that he is.” As to the other letter: Thank you Kathy Row for helping me realize there are good people in this town.”
  • A woman called and said, “I got the paper, but they threw it in the garden and it’s all wet.”
  • A lady left a message “for the ones that stole our very heavy lawn chair from our yard. We never thought that would happen because it is so heavy. So, what we’re saying is what goes around comes around. Someday, something will be stolen from you too.”
  • A man “was reading Bill Coate’s article (Saturday, Jan. 5) about Red Rock, the new company doing the garbage collection. I read where the past CAO and CEO for the county failed to pay attention to the contract and ultimately the county is suing Madera Disposal for $2.9 million. It wasn’t too many years ago everybody lauded our previous CAO Stell Manfredi on what a wonderful job for 30 years of service. But it looks to me like he fell asleep at the wheel. On top of that, he is involved in the water districts, such as the one in the Ranchos, him and his two other guys (Ronn) Dominici and (Steve) Sagouspe are involved in all that. Manfredi couldn’t run garbage now he wants to run people’s water. I think something needs to be investigated.”

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