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‘You are not that important'

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webmaster | 03/27/12

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  • A woman referenced “missing the Rev. Jim Fox’s article last week. I look forward to it every week because it is what’s happening in our lives. I sure hope he hasn’t quit. His article makes my day every week.”
  • A woman gave her first name and then started, “cellphones, drug deals, marijuana, meth, gangs, kids still living with parents, not working or wanting to find a job. Parents losing their homes to foreclosure. Animals left to die on the side of the road.” She went on about “Facebook, Twitter, Direct TV. People committing suicide because they are on someone’s website. Who the heck do you think you are? You are not that important.”
  • A man and “out of town reader,” had this to say about “the Red Line message about a (Ranchos) water director using men and material for his own private use. I never saw a follow-up. Is he one of the good old boys? What’s the deal? No repercussions? I’d like to see something.”
  • A man called “regarding the call last week about the Catholic Church. Congress needs to start working on jobs and not worry about abortion. I am a victim of those priests who molested boys. That’s where I’m talking about the nasty, Catholic Church, okay? They (Congress) needs to focus on jobs, not the Catholic Church.”
  • “A longtime resident of Madera” said he “had a real concern. We are now seeing a gang problem within the city of Madera. According to the news there are 3,000 gang members in Madera.”
  • “I’m calling about the medical marijuana shops being closed down in Fresno,” began a man. “Hey, thanks a lot. Now you’ve put us marijuana drug dealers back in business. Great job.”
  • Another caller said, “I’m going to sell my pot in Fresno. Now that they have closed down the shops there my business will increase to those sick and who need it for pain. I won’t be able to make hardly anything with these people in Madera with a prescription and get it legally. Madera is going to send all the pot dealers out of town to places where people have to get it illegally.”
  • “Doesn’t anyone do background checks on the (Madera Unified School) board,” asked a woman. “I guess it is up to the voters. The only reasonable man on the board is Garibay. The rest should be recalled in the June election.”
  • Another man said, (school board candidate Charles) Genseal is nothing but a puppet of Lynn Cogdill. All Cogdill wants is his cronies in there so he can have a majority on every vote. That’s not exactly adhering to the motto; it’s all for the kids.”
  • A woman said, “please stop leaving all the bad news on your front page. Many senior customers wake up to their coffee and it isn’t very pleasant. Find another area in the newspaper for your bad news.”
  • “I had to cry when I read Leon Emo’s column about Van Neely,” began a lady. “I knew Van and he (photographed) my daughter’s wedding many years ago. Leon’s words about his friend were touching and meaningful for me.”
  • “I just want people to know about (a pharmacy),” said a woman. “If you’re going there, you do have the option to ‘opt out’ (to another pharmacy). I know three or four people that have already. And (pharmacy), if you want people to get their medicine there you need to call the corporate office and tell them you need more help. I feel sorry for you guys. You’re getting the brunt of everyone who’s upset or mad, but you just don’t have enough help. I go there on my lunch hour and they tell me it will be 30 minutes. The same after work. That’s just not right.”
  • A woman “wanted to know how the community can rebuild the red, white and blue barn on Highway 41 and Avenue 12. It is like a landmark in Madera, and a reminder of our troops fighting for our country. It is sad to see it torn up. Any suggestions?”
  • “I’m just calling about your location,” said a man. “It’s on Falcon Street? Is that by the airport?” (Yes, we are behind the CHP offices at 2890 Falcon Drive.)
  • A man said “in reference to the story about Madera residents saying ‘no casino to governor,’ Madera residents didn’t say no. It was a Madera church group, backed up by another gambling tribe. I think the article should have mentioned that. Also, Stand Up for California is a front group for other gaming interests. That should have been explained as well. If the Madera Ministerial Association is against gambling they should come out against Chukchansi as well. But they won’t because they are partners in opposition to the Madera casino project.”
  • ‘The pope is not Mexican,” said a lady, “in reference to Saturday’s (March 17) paper. The pope is not their brother. The pope is Catholic. Mexico, shame on you, with all your drugs and violence. It’s disgusting.”

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