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‘We would like that casino ...’

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webmaster | 10/08/13

All comments are edited for length and content. Because of content and space limitations some comments may not be published. More than one comment from the same person in the same week will normally not be published. If your message contains profanity it will not be used. Please keep your calls to two minutes or less.

  • A lady called “on the teacher (name given) at Chavez (Elementary) School. I am one of the parents whose daughter had duct tape taped on her mouth. Why hasn’t it been advertised in The Madera Tribune? I would like the Tribune to do a story on it and all parents be made aware of it. Thank you.”
  • A “first-time caller, wanted to know why the Madera Police Department doesn’t do their job? There is a west side, not just a south, east and north side. There is a guy riding around in a lowered, white Cadillac with his bass turned way up on his music. He goes around from Schnoor (Avenue) to Granada (Drive). The windows in our homes are rattling. The police need to get out here and give that guy a ticket.”
  • A woman called about “Cheryl Schmit and her (organization) Stand Up (California). Tell her to stand down. She doesn’t speak for everyone in Madera. We would like that casino, and the sooner the better. It will be a benefit to all of us. So tell her to stay in her own town and mind her own business.”
  • A man who calls weekly about Madera High football said, “put the blame on the head coach instead of the coaching staff. Isn’t that what a head coach is supposed to do?”
  • A man asked “Whatever happened to the shopping center that was going to go in next to Home Depot? Did it go down the drain like everything else around Madera?” (Note: the shopping center is still planned and has been approved for that location)
  • The lady that called last week about “the lost and found ads and the person or persons that writes the ads. There’s another white miniature p-u-d-d-l-e, there are two ads, and it should be poodle … It is so ridiculous. It’s an embarrassment.”
  •  “I was watering this morning and I think I found that puddle that was missing,” began a woman. “I’m not quite sure if it’s male or female, but if you want to come and pick it up you better bring a bucket.”
  • A man responded to “the lady who said she doesn’t like to listen to Hispanic music. Why doesn’t she just come out and say Mexican music? What’s wrong with that? Also, this city has one yard sale (weekend) a month and now they don’t want the casino to come in. What is wrong with the people in this city? What is wrong with the people that run the city?”
  • A lady wanted “to follow up on a sweatshirt order,” but she had accidently called the wrong number and reached the Red Line.
  • A man said, “With everything going on in Madera this past weekend, and no Monday paper, when are the advertisers going to realize that many of us look forward to the Monday paper to read about the weekend events and will read the advertising you put in there. With all the items in Tuesday’s paper there was hardly any room for advertisers. Wake up businesses; you’re missing the boat without advertising in a Monday edition.”
  • A man had “a question for the city of Madera. The 4th Street project, taking out all those beautiful trees, and now on the corner of 4th (Street) and Gateway (Drive), Maria’s Taco Shop is losing all kinds of frontage around them. Why don’t we just stop this project, tear everything down in the city, and start building the city back from square one. What is wrong with the city of Madera? This is ridiculous. Fourth Street was never a problem in the first place. It’s disgusting.”
  • A “car owner” said he “and many other car and motorcycle owners attended the sixth annual Gold Cup Car Show, Saturday, sponsored by Madera Glass and Body. I must say they outdid themselves again this year. Many classes of custom and classic cars and motorcycles were on display and for judging. A free lunch was provided followed by music. A 50-inch big screen TV was given away. If you were unable to attend you missed out, but I’m sure it will be back next year. Thanks again to Madera Glass and Body for giving back to the community.”
  • A man responded “to the man who thinks its okay for the (school) district to start the high schools at 7:40 a.m. The facts are the district changed the start time without consulting the community. But I guess you want to put it all on the parents. So maybe they should quit their current job and maybe find one that starts later. In this economy that’s not very likely, unless you want another Californian on welfare. Somebody needs to get to the bottom of this. It would be interesting to get a picture of the kids at the school early, waiting for the gates to open.”
  • An online reader wrote: “I am a volunteer for the Madera Animal Shelter and (was there when) four puppies about a week old were found on the side of the road in a bag and brought to the shelter. I fostered two of them and another volunteer fostered the other two. They are border collies — maybe mixes — and two of them were chocolate colored. Isn’t it just horrible how people can throw away puppies like that, no matter what breed they are? The same week, a kitten was found in a closed-lid dumpster. The lady who found the kitten said she heard the kitten mewling for a few days but couldn’t find where the mewling was coming from. In one week … as far as I know … five baby animals were thrown away like garbage. But I know more are out there that are never found and are disposed of in a very inhumane way. Since when were animals considered trash when they eat, breathe, drink, and live just like us human beings?"

Thank you for your calls. Remember, the Red Line is open for your messages 24 hours a day by calling 674-4478.


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