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‘Standard Model Lie Equations’

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webmaster | 07/09/12

A comment on your edititation of July 6:

Mortar holds bricks apart, not together. If you try to build a wall with the bricks together, it cannot be kept straight, plumb and level. Ask a brick mason.

I’ve only worked with and known one particle physicist; Frank Selph. He got his master’s the same year I got my bachelor’s. Frank worked starting up the Stanford Linear Accelerator, then went back to Berkeley put together parts of the Advanced Light Source.

I think they are all nuts.

They work with an algorithm (The Standard Model) that doesn’t work even though they have lied about it a dozen times or so (The Standard Model Lie Equations).

They keep saying that gravity, electrostatic, magnetism, etc. are weak forces even though they hold the planets in orbit, and make everything useful to us work.

I’ll end this humor.

Robert Christiansen,


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