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‘Quit complaining and get involved’

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webmaster | 12/03/13

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  • A man responded “to last week’s woman who complained about the Rescue Mission being in a residential area and her side of town not being fixed up by the city. Well, lady, if Governor Brown had not eliminated our local RDA (Redevelopment Agency) the director and RDA were doing a wonderful job with building sidewalks, planting trees and landscaping and neighborhood revitalization — all on our side of town. Yes, I live there too and I get involved with projects like Love Madera and others to help make it a better place. Quit complaining and get involved.”
  • “Wow, what was so important about the pink thong being shown at the grocery store?” asked a lady. “What is really important is caring, loving, praying for those in need. Those people who are in the hospital. Those people who can’t find housing, or have the money to pay rent, mortgage or property taxes. No mention of those American service people fighting for our freedom. No word about Thanksgiving. Shame on you Madera.”
  • Another woman said, “It is the holiday season, Christmas and Hanukkah and I hope everybody will stay in good spirits. I went shopping on Black Friday and it was awful. Such anger and greed.”
  • A woman “just wanted to give credit where credit is due.” She was looking for an automobile and “went to Fresno, but just couldn’t find one. I realized there are some good car dealers right here in Madera.” She then mentioned the auto dealership and boasted what a courteous salesman they had and other things that would normally be in a paid advertisement.
  • A caller who “went to the post office the other day,” said she “had a knee injury and it took some extra time to walk up the steps. There was this gentleman who opened the door, and was very kind and respectful. There are nice respectful and kind people out there and I appreciate it.”
  • “Your writer has done it again,” said a man. “Leon Emo’s story on Titus Canyon and others in the desert (“Meanderings” Saturday, Nov. 30) was wonderful. Many years ago I had a chance to go with Leon when he gave me a tour of his desert. His description in his story is just the way I remember the wonderful trip. Thanks for the memories, Leon.”
  • A man gave his name and said, “I want to bring something to your attention please call me back.” He left his phone number and it was given to the editor.
  • “We are in a drought, right?” inquired a gentleman. “Every morning I drive by the entrance and exit to the Save Mart Shopping Center from Howard Road and there is standing water in the dip connecting the street with the entry pavement. It has been that way for months and something is leaking. It is either from a city water line or a landscaper is all I can figure, but it should be fixed.”
  • Another man asked, “Are they ever going to finish 4th Street? It looks good between Pine (Street) and Sunset (Ave.), but from there to the tracks if it rains you will probably need four-wheel drive to get through to Gateway (Drive). Also, the popular downtown Christmas parade is Thursday and there are going to be a lot of people downtown. That sidewalk in the 100 block that collapsed over a year ago is still not repaired.”
  • A woman who “just moved into town” said, “I picked up Saturday’s paper and it was very good. I would like to subscribe.” She left her name, but not her phone number.
  • An online contributor mentioned that when she has business at the county administration building, the parking garage is usually full. “What are they going to do when the planning, and road and engineering departments are moved to the third floor of the administration building? That parking garage will be overflowing.”

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