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‘Oh, my gosh, please fix it’

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webmaster | 07/24/12

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  • “Who is responsible for the once-a-month yard sales?” asked a man. “I think it’s ridiculous so I would like to know who is responsible so I won’t vote for them next time.”
  • A man thanked the Elks Lodge for starting bingo. “Now we don’t have to drive all the way up to a casino to play bingo.”
  • “Someone please help me fix this house up,” said a woman. “The windows are broken out. I’m tired of looking at it for three months. Abandoned house, Beechwood, Bank of America foreclosure. Oh my gosh, please fix it.”
  • A man “wanted to know, where is Falcon Drive?” (Note: The Tribune office is at 2890 Falcon Drive near the airport. Take the Avenue 17 exit. Falcon Drive is behind the CHP office.)
  • A woman responded to a call last week and said, “the African-Americans and whites were working the fields before the Hispanics got here, therefore the (Millview) principal should not have to speak Spanish. They should learn to speak the language of the United States. We did not have any problem with the Laotians coming into the Valley.”
  • A lady had a comment on “the Board of Supervisors. We got one that kills cats when they’re in the yard and we have one that said that he spent $50,000 just to get elected. Well, the good old boys are at it again. We need some new supervisors.”
  • “What happened to volunteer work in the Madera Youth Soccer League (MYSL),” began a lady. “Most of these teams are wanting to play soccer. This is a volunteer basis for coaches and now they are wanting us to pay them $100 a month to coach our girls youth soccer league. Last year it was free. If MYSL has any guidelines they need to start following them. These girls are good players and now can’t play on travel teams because they can’t afford to pay.”
  • A man asked, “where has Paul Stanford’s column gone? I was born and raised in Madera and his column is just about the best thing that has happened to the sports section.” (Note: Paul Stanford is on vacation until the end of July. His column will resume when he returns.)
  • A man heard “at the John Wells Youth Center that employees will not be able to leave the premises for their lunch break. The Parks and Rec staff needs to check on this. I believe it is a violation of the lunch break law. The law states you have to be away from your work station or get paid for that lunch break and then you’re still in violation and there is a penalty for this. Whoever is bringing this policy in needs to check with the law.”
  • “Why is it that (first name given of businessman) can drive a car around for a year with no license plate on it? Is he above the law?”

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