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‘Grandson could have been killed’

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webmaster | 02/05/13

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  • A woman called about “a very well-known and good school in Fresno. A child came to the school and pulled a knife on my third-grade grandson for not giving him his Cheetos. They only wanted to suspend him, but my daughter demanded they expel him because of the no-tolerance policy. Should we as parents check our children’s backpacks and pat them down before they leave for school? It could have been a gun and my grandson could have been killed.”
  • ”The politicians are at it again,” began a lady. “They are talking about what happened in Benghazi and Hillary Clinton. The main thing is their hatred toward Obama and they are using Hilary as the scapegoat. Neither side knows what happened because they were not in Benghazi. They need to start talking about what is going on here in Madera. For instance, the district attorney costing us $1.4 million and what is happening with our roads and streets.”
  • A woman wanted “to thank Frank Bradford on his letter to the editor, dated Jan. 28. I’m so frustrated with this Dr. Goodwin. I don’t know how she got her doctorate. Keep it up, Frank Bradford. You’re doing a great job."
  • A person who may be a Democrat, referring to Dr. Goodwin’s letter, said, “Loraine Goodwin is not the congressional chair of the Democratic Central Committee, only a member. Susan Roe is the chair of the Central Committee. Verify Goodwin’s credentials. Do your job.”
  • A man responded “to last week’s caller who said, ‘unless you’ve been in the classroom … keep your comments to yourself.’ Well,” this week’s caller continued, “unless she understands the history of the person she is talking about she should leave her comments to herself also. Mr. (Bill) Coate is a very revered and respected teacher. It was his opinion on the subject and he knows what he’s talking about. Wish you did too, lady.”
  • “So gun owners and NRA members are not that naïve to face reality,” began a man. “I read a recent poll of NRA members found more than 70-percent are for gun reform. The story, and it’s backed up by reputable sources, said the NRA doesn’t represent its ever-decreasing membership and their paltry dues, but 22 different corporations and of that, over half are gun manufacturers who donate $71 million annually to the NRA. Wake up, gun owners. You’re being cheated by your own leaders and it’s going to cost the lives of more children.”
  • A woman called and said, “I heard the immigrants that own businesses are really going to have to back-pay their taxes and everything else. Pretty soon they won’t need guards at the border because (the immigrants) won’t have a reason to come back here. This is all they always wanted to do. So, if you’re an immigrant save all the money you can and get ready to go because that’s what’s going to happen.”
  • “Our school board needs to quit sleeping on the job,” said a man. “They need to monitor what is going on at Madera High School. They did not do a nationwide search for a football coach. Instead, the defensive coordinator is being promoted. What a joke. Last season’s record speaks for itself. I’ve lived here all my life and the kids in this town deserve better.”
  • “Here we go again,” said another man. “Madera High is bringing in a coach with no experience and from a staff that was not successful. We need to go out and find a coach with a proven record. I don’t remember seeing an ad in the Tribune or any paper for hiring a coach. There are also not very many successful (sports) programs at Madera High, and that’s a reflection of the AD (athletic director). They need to move in a different direction to move this program back up.”
  • A regular caller “and native Californian” left his usual message about oil companies. “I think it is so frustrating to see the oil companies take advantage of Californians by gouging oil prices. This oil was put in the ground just like water and our economy is not going to work until gas prices match pre-recession prices. Many people want us to follow the Golden Rule, but the oil companies want us to follow the oil rule: Those that have the most oil, makes the rules. We ought to stand up and write Gov. Jerry Brown.”
  • A woman said, “the article about the school lockdown was both frightening and alarming to me. It was frightening because it reminded me that our kids are just as vulnerable as those on campuses in Connecticut, Colorado or as close as Bakersfield. It was alarming because we have only one officer that serves the campuses on the east side of town. I would ask our city council that is considering a $95,000 Homeland Security grant if they would be able to collaborate with our school district to add another uniformed officer to our campuses. I would like to see school administrators secure in the fact they know when they call 911 they are going to get the fastest response possible.”
  • “Maybe I’m just an old geezer,” said a man, “I get really irritated at these sporting events like, for example, the Super Bowl. The singers sing the National Anthem and ‘God Bless America’ like they were at a funeral service. The National Anthem is tough enough to sing, but it’s a march at 140-beats per minute. And ‘God Bless America’ is at 120-beats a minute. Dragging it out like it is some sort of hymn is sickening. Then they add all these nuances and make it sound like a popular (pop) song. Why can’t we sing our National Anthem like other countries do, straight forward? It just irritates me, but like I said, I’m probably just an old geezer.”

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