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‘Go back if you don’t like it here’

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webmaster | 05/28/13

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  • A caller was “shocked, outraged, and saddened over what is going on at the county government center. The grand jury conducts a six-month investigation and the Board of Supervisors completely dismisses it. Now Eric Fleming is pressuring department heads, including myself, to tell the supervisors about how good a job he is doing or he might take action against them. The department is out of control. Department heads are going to start leaving. The supervisors need to do something or the voters need to start thinking about replacing the entire board.”
  • A hard to understand message from a woman said, “as one of several county employees that was called to testify before the Grand Jury, I do not believe the supervisors deemed it not important enough and filed it in a round can. Now many of us are facing a trap with no one to turn to.”
  • Another lady said on the same subject, “the Grand Jury report to the board concerning the CAO was embarrassing. And the CAO asking the department heads for a letter of support was a joke. Now he’s trying to put pressure on the very people who complained about him. Supervisors, wake up. You are on the ballot.”
  • A man responded to the caller last week who complained “about the cramped gym at Millview for adult basketball. It is so bad for the city to do. There is going to be a seriously injured kid where there is less than two feet (from out of bounds) on the court. But they will continue to play there until they get a serious lawsuit.” The caller also commented “especially on the sports division. The police department needs to get out to Millview and the softball games. They need to go out there every chance they get and check out the beer fest league. At least when Leon Emo and his assistant were running the sports division the majority of these problems didn’t exist.”
  • Another man said, “I was born and raised in the Valley and moved here from a small town of about 5,000 people. I love it here, but I can’t believe how many people from the Bay Area have moved here. I don’t mind, but when they start talking down the Valley and Madera it really angers me. My parents and grandparents were born here so when you talk bad about the Valley, you talk bad about them. Go back, if you don’t like it here.”
  • A woman said, “they have a dollar store over here where George’s Auto used to be and it’s a beautiful, beautiful store. People need to really go to this store and see for themselves. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s on 4th and D streets. They didn’t have a ribbon cutting or nothing, but he should be recognized for what he put in this town.”
  • A lady was “thankful you finally ran a story on the IRS scandal that the Obama Administration has been involved with. Also, it might be nice if you write about the Associated Press having all their phone calls looked at by the Justice Department. Then, of course, we have Benghazi. Why is it you never write anything that might make Obama look bad? Quit being a lapdog to Obama and start being a bulldog.”
  • However, another lady said, “when are they going to stop harassing Obama. If the media and the Republicans would concentrate on affairs and getting things passed in Congress, we would all be better off. As for the Benghazi scandal, does it take nine hearings to figure out what went wrong? Every hearing is just an excuse to blame Hilary Clinton. You biased, racist people should take a look at what happened before (Hilary) Clinton and Obama. What about the 12 attacks on our embassies during the Bush administration that led to over 50 deaths? Funny, all you Hilary bashers never bring those up.”
  • A caller “read Leon Emo’s column and couldn’t believe Emo and Sam Pistoresi actually had lunch together at Edgar’s (Restaurant). When those two got together how come there were no explosions? Emo made it sound like they got along really good.”
  • After watching Madera South’s football team practice a man said, “I personally heard some players talking about practice and getting ready for the upcoming season. They mentioned their grades with one saying ‘I got an F, but I got a C in another class so it averages out.’ Another one said ‘I have a couple of Ds, but also a couple of Bs so they average out and I have my 2.0’ (grade point average). I want to thank the coach of Madera South for keeping the student-athlete portion alive by allowing them to continue practice even though their grades are so dismal. I’m looking forward to another scandal like Madera High had with their attendance fixing. Now we’ll have grade fixing so these players can get out and play for Madera South. Good going coach. Way to keep these athletes on the team so you can have another losing season.”

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