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webmaster | 09/20/13

“I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go.”
— Psalms 32:8

I enjoy the evening news with Diane Sawyer because she gets to the point on events happening around the world. It seems to me she does not sugarcoat anything and tells the truth about what is happening. One of the news events a couple of nights ago was about people being rescued from an apartment building on the fifth floor by other tenants living in the same complex. They were working off of a fire escape with an extension ladder on the outside of the building. It was quite a rescue operation that ended with everyone being saved with no injuries.

While I watched the event unfold, my thoughts took me back to the mid-80s when a friend and I went to a conference in Las Vegas. We had a room on the sixth floor of the Riviera Hotel on the strip. It was after the big fire at the MGM Grand on the strip and there were people who refused to stay in the higher floors of some of the bigger hotels. My friend and I didn’t mind because we felt safe anywhere we went. I didn’t give the fire at the MGM Grand a thought because my mind didn’t take me in that fear direction.

When we got to our room on the sixth floor and were unpacking our luggage, my friend showed me a rope he had packed. He didn’t live in fear but felt a little safer if he had a safety net in case something would have happened. The rope was 100 feet long and would have put us on the ground if there was an emergency and we had to go out the window from the sixth floor. The feeling of having a safety net made our stay on the sixth floor a little more relaxing, even though neither of us allowed fear to keep us from enjoying life...


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