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Recognizing the signs of dementia

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webmaster | 09/26/12

By Ren Marie Carter of Cedar Creek Senior Living

Have you ever hosted a dinner party and after the last guest departed realized you had forgotten to serve one of the side dishes? I have. Finding an untouched platter of asparagus the next morning is annoying… but not necessarily an early sign of dementia.

What are the early signs to watch for in our loved ones?

  • Loses spontaneity and the spark or zest for life
  • Loses initiative, they just can’t start anything
  • Mood/personality changes — becoming confused, suspicious or afraid
  • Becomes anxious about their symptoms and avoids people
  • Poor judgment-makes bad decisions
  • Takes longer with routine chores
  • Trouble handling money and paying bills
  • Puts things in strange places
  • Does things that just don’t make sense
  • Forgets common words or uses the wrong words...

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