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You can’t sell a BinCam here

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webmaster | 02/27/13

I don’t think I’m ready for a talking garbage can, especially one that bawls me out. It seems the geniuses over in Silicon Valley believe they can get us to be better behaved (read that as behaving like they think we ought to behave) if they can get our garbage cans to nag us a little about what we put in them.

The Wall Street Journal reports on a camera called a BinCam (under development) which fits under the lid of a lovely stainless steel garbage can with a lid that opens when you step on a peddle. The BinCam takes a photo of whatever you throw into the can and sends the picture to Facebook or some other social media site which is programmed to analyze garbage. (You can tell they might be running out of ideas when they start trying to sell us garbage can cameras.)

If you throw something that’s recyclable into the garbage, it gets posted on a social site, and if you throw out too many recyclables, your “green” friends who keep track of you on that site will call up and hassle you, or perhaps even come over to your house and slap you around.

I think the garbage can also might have a speaker in it, which would say something like, “Stop throwing away recyclables, you swine.”

It’s certain I wouldn’t buy one of those garbage cans, no matter how nice it looked, or how much my “green” friends urged me to do so. Mrs. Doud would not allow a garbage can in the kitchen that had one of those step-on pedals that raised the lid. She is a thrifty home economist, and believes gargabe cans should remain under the sink as God intended.

Also, we are fairly conscientious recyclers without having to be nagged about it. We work up our own guilt attacks when we err without having to be nagged by a garbage can or our friends, and you can take that to the trash.


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