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Why the secrecy on shooting?

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webmaster | 01/02/13

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  • “I’m calling about the shooting that occurred on Orchard and University (Avenues),” said a man. “I’m just wondering why nothing was said in the paper about that. We need to know what is going on.” (Editor’s note: The story about the shooting appeared in Friday’s Madera Tribune on Page A1.)
  • A woman called about the same incident and “about the off-duty officer involved. Why is Madera Police investigating this case? This is like asking a past bank robber to investigate a new bank robbery. The general attorney’s office should be investigating. Why haven’t you given information to the paper or news media about this off-duty officer? He’s the one who went crazy. He’s the one that was willing to have a shootout with a female in his car and surrounded by single-family homes. This is ridiculous. We should know who this officer was and if he used his own personal gun or his service gun.” (Editor’s note: The CHP officer’s name was not released because he was not charged; an investigation found he had fired his gun within the CHP rules.)
  • A lady said, “I have a complaint about Red Rock Disposal company. I received my billing for two months and what surprised me was I was billed $45 delivery charge for two 96-gallon containers. I called Red Rock but no one answers my phone calls. I think we should have stayed with the old company. We never had any problems with them.”
  • Another woman contacted The Red Line and said the new garbage hauler “told me they were not going to pick up Christmas trees. How can that be?”
  • A woman called “regarding the letters to the readers (editor) of Friday, Dec. 28. I am congratulating all the writers of those letters that are beautiful and precious things to hear for the Christmas season.” She named the letter writers and said, “I enjoyed all of them.”
  • A lady called “regarding an article about the teachers’ union going on strike. I find it very condescending that they are very willing to go on strike and keep our children from getting educated because they don’t want to pay for the increase in health care. They are one of the biggest supporters of Obamacare and Obama. Now they don’t want to pay their share of Obamacare? I don’t get it. I think it is rude of them.”
  • A retired “school board member (he gave his name),” said, “the article (Red Line message) you had in the paper today saying school board members have lifetime insurance is not correct. I am a retired board member and do not have (health) insurance. You need to change that.”
  • A lady said, “once again I am complaining about our street, Melba Drive. It rains one day and we have 50 potholes. Once again, city, you need to get out here and fix them. Adios.”
  • “Finally, a Meandering,” be-gan a man. “It is nice to see Emo back writing his Saturday “Meanderings” (last Saturday of each month) even though he didn’t go anywhere in December. Undoubtedly to stay home and help his wife recover. I look forward to his stories and those of Bill Coate and hope you continue them in 2013.”
  • Another man said, “I enjoyed the sidewalk story (Dec. 26) and it was sure an eye-opener. However, not knowing what happened to the (15 year old) girl who fell through the sidewalk makes me wonder if she was here illegally or what.”
  • “Today is Friday, Dec. 28,” began a lady who “checked the weather page. It said there was a chance of snow after midnight. It also said that it is Monday, Dec. 28. Just thought you would want to know.” (Editor’s note: Oops. Some wires got crossed and it wasn’t caught. Sorry.)
  • A lady “lost a cat and I want to put it in the paper.” She left her number. (Editor’s note: To place a missing animal in the paper call 674-2424; also, be sure to call the Madera County animal shelter in case the cat was found and turned in. That number is 675-7891.)

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