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Who won the debate?

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webmaster | 10/06/12

This one is going to get me in the doghouse with some of my friends, but I have to weigh in on the presidential election.

Thursday morning both sides were taking bows for a successful debate.

I have never been a big fan of President Obama. I would like him more if he still went by Barry. According to Wikipedia, he grew up using the name Barry but decided he wanted to be known as Barack when he got to college. People should be addressed by whichever name they choose. No disrespect intended, I would like to call the president and first lady, Barry and Mickey.

Here is my problem with the Romney/Ryan ticket. Both men belong to churches that require women to become mothers. The Mormons and the Catholics rejoice in adding to their congregations by making babies. I fear for the future of a woman’s right to choose if these men are elected. Having a child changes a person’s life forever. Childbearing alters a woman’s life in a way that men cannot begin to appreciate...


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