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When sugary sodas are banned ...

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webmaster | 06/08/12

In November, we will be electing our first four-year, atlarge mayor, and when we do it’s my sincere hope that person does not begin his or her administration by taxing or banning drinks with sugar in them.

New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg is backing a ban on sugary drinks at places where a lot of them now are sold. He thinks New Yorkers are too fat, especially New York kids. He apparently thinks those denizens of one of the world’s largest and richest cities have sand in their heads instead of brains.

He may be right, but I don’t think that’s the case with Maderans. On the contrary, I think Maderans know when they’re drinking sugar and when they’re not. They don’t need a ban to keep them off sugar. They also don’t need a ban to tell them sugar isn’t always good for you. People know sugar isn’t particularly healthy. They also know it tastes good, however, so some of them might over-indulge in it occasionally.

If you look around, you won’t see any more fat people in Madera than you see in New York City. And not all fat people are fat because they consume sugar in soft drinks. Some people are fat because they eat too much, some are fat because all they do is sit around. There’s no single cause.

First Lady Michelle Obama is against people being fat, probably because she may have a propensity to put on a little weight herself. She probably knows what a struggle it is to lose pounds and keep them off. We are told by an Obama biographer that Mrs. Obama won’t even let one of the most famous fat people in the world — Oprah Winfrey — into the White House, because she doesn’t want fatties waddling around in there. Is that true? Unlikely. Still, it makes a good story.

The president, for his part, doesn’t say much about people’s weight. He personally doesn’t have a weight problem. He smokes. He’s tried to quit, but he may be afraid that if he did he’d get fat and get kicked out of the White House along with Oprah.

When sugary sodas are banned, only outlaws will have sugary sodas. Crime will run rampant.


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