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On what planet do these jerks live?

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webmaster | 09/27/13

Online sex traffickers and porn sites have a new set of friends — certain conservative state lawmakers who are hesitant to allow the attorneys general of 47 states to clamp down on filth such as child porn, child pederasts and other sexual predation. The state legislators believe regulations against pornographers and traffickers will discourage investment in new Internet services.

What planet do these jerks live on?

“It’s not like we’re trying to hurt free speech. We’re trying to protect children who are being sold for sex,” said Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens, a Republican.

Investigators say certain alleged adult sites are being used by pimps offering children for sex, even though those “adult” sites claim to monitor such Internet traffic.

The whole idea of trying to block regulation of filth because it might interfere with investment in the Internet ignores the reality of what porn businesses do to a “neighborhood.”

Yes, the Internet has neighborhoods, just as any community has neighborhoods. The presence of smarmy enterprises lowers the value of property and business in any neighborhood.

Search engines, such as Google, drive users to whole virtual colonies of unregulated filth purveyors at the tap of a few keys. Just the thing to which you want your kids to have access, especially kids in their sexually formative years.

According to The Associated Press, prosecutors have brought charges against pimps, prostitutes and customers who have advertised on one of the most notorious porn sites. But they have been precluded from pursuing the website itself because of a 1996 federal law that generally shields website operators from liability for content posted by users. The attorneys general want that law changed.

The people most concerned about a change, of course, are those who went into or want to go into the filth business in the first place. They don’t want to be bothered with having to enforce anti-child-pederast regulations.

Tough. If they choose that kind of life, they should have to live with the consequences.


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