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We do need to get up and get around

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webmaster | 07/13/12

I love sitting, so it is a little hard for me to write this. Those who study why we’re too fat, or too prone to developing diabetes, or too prone to getting high blood pressure are saying now that while our diets may be among the causes for this epidemic of bad health, there is another, more insidious reason to be careful: We are spending too much time on our patooties. And they may be right.

We sit while we work, if we are among the ever-growing crowd of computer-pounders. We sit while we play, thumbing away at games or texting on our cell phones or digital tablets. We sit while we watch television. We sit on the rare occasions when we talk to one another.

We sit while we are in meetings. We sit while waiting in the doctor’s office, for our appointments to have him or her tell us to get out and exercise more. We sit in classrooms. We sit while we eat and drink. We sit while we drive — which is just about everywhere. We sit on tractor seats while working in the fields. We sit while playing golf.

Researchers have discovered that all this sitting isn’t doing us any good, says The Associated Press. Anyone sitting more than three hours at a time, in fact, runs a greater list of being obese, or of being diabetic, or of having a heart attack, than those who don’t sit so long or as often.

The thing to do about this may be to get up and walk around for a while every half hour or so.

I remember taking a class a few years ago in how to stay healthy at the workplace, and one of the things they told us to do was get up and walk around every once in a while.

That sounded like good advice then, and it sounds like good advice now.

One way to keep on your feet is to get a dog and have him or her walk you around every once in a while.

In my case, the dog is no better than I am She sits there beside me, watching TV or sleeping.

If I get up and walk, she will get up and follow me, but only so far. Then she sits down again and wants to be carried. What a wuss. No doubt she thinks the same about me.


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