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We’re off on another hallucination

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webmaster | 03/10/12

You no doubt already know that tonight you are expected to turn your clock forward an hour before you go to bed. Then, you are expected to get up an hour early, for no particular purpose than to go along with the national hallucination called Daylight Saving Time.

You will never get that hour of sleep back unless you sleep in for an extra hour on Sunday and spend the rest of the day on the couch reading.

Then, you go to bed at your usual time.

If you carry out your Sunday normally, you will never get that hour back. You will find, as the weeks and months go by, you will start missing that hour more and more, until Nov. 4, the blessed day when all will be back to normal.

Keeping accurate time is important. It is something that should not be left to Congress. Yet, Congress has deemed, for some reason, that it is good for us to get up an hour early in the summer.

The great timekeepers through history would have laughed. They knew how to keep time. When they built Stonehenge, for example, they built it, in part, to measure the progress of the sun, especially at the midsummer sunrise. The same is true of monuments built in the Americas.

Those early timekeepers never could have imagined moving one of the great upright bluestones a few degrees one way or the other to fool the population into thinking it was an hour earlier or an hour later — nor would they have been so stupid. The people wouldn’t have gone along with them. They would instead have picked up rocks and thrown them at the timekeepers until they had moved the stones back in their proper places.

Even those ancients knew you couldn’t change the sun.

Enjoy your hallucination.


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