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Watch what you say about Kim

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webmaster | 04/17/14

If you happen to be looking for proof that Kim Jong Un, the dictator of North Korea, is a megalomaniac, look no further than a London hair-styling business, M&M Hair Academy.

Here is the story, which you already may have heard, as reported by The Associated Press and others:

Barber Karim Nabbach put up a poster showing Kim’s head and its outrageous haircut, which is buzzed on the sides and poofed on the top. The poster, which said, “Having a bad hair day?” was advertising a 15 percent discount on men’s cuts during April.

Nabbach said the salon was inspired by media rumors that North Korean men had been instructed to emulate the leader’s hairstyle.

What happened then is enough to send chills down a person’s backbone. A delegation from the North Korean Embassy visited the barber shop in London and requested the barber to take the sign down.

Being a free person in a free country, the barber refused. In North Korea, he probably would have been thrown into a prison for people who disagree with the supreme leader, or who disagree with the supreme leader’s diplomats.

At this point, megalomania comes into play. The definition of a megalomaniac is a person who is obsessed with his or her own power. Making fun of such a person — even a person’s haircut — is perceived as a serious threat to his or her power.

As you no doubt recall, megalomaniacs can be dangerous. A fellow named Hitler comes to mind, as does that well known philanthropist Josef Stalin.

A recent story in The Wall Street Journal pointed out that Kim Jong Un is worth about $5 billion, most of which is in banks in Switzerland and other places far away from North Korea. Pretty good for a kid with a bad haircut.

When Kim hosted basketball egomaniac Dennis Rodman for a basketball demonstration, Rodman couldn’t say enough nice things about the man with the haircut nobody else would be seen in public with. That is probably because Rodman himself is known for his own bizarre fashion statements in the forms of tattoos and lip jewelry. Talk about fashion plates.


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