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Watch out for those fat pets this month

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webmaster | 08/21/13

I would never have known that this is Pet Obesity Awareness Month if our landlady, the cat, hadn’t reminded me by eating her new food.

The rent we have been paying her for the privilege of living in her house has been two bowls of kibble a day, and as I have mentioned previously, it was beginning to go straight to her thighs. That is because it had no other place to go. She was even getting fat in the ears, for goodness sake.

On the advice of her vet (who now is able to make this month’s boat payment after having collected the exam fee) we have started feeding her canned food.

“It has fewer calories,” the vet said. “Just don’t feed her too much, about a half can twice a day.”

I was surprised at that advice. I was under the impression that kibble was the low-calorie stuff, appearing as it does to be made of compressed cardboard. But that apparently is not the case. Purina puts lots of fat in it with the cardboard, and also a certain amount of mouse flavoring. That is the only way they can get cats to eat kibble — make them think it is leftover mouse.

Our cat actually would prefer the flavor of fresh bluebird with feather still on it, but that is not to be. It would offend the many members of the Audubon Society and others who participate in the annual bird count. (I’ll bet you didn’t know things like that go on, but you would if you paid any attention to the stuff Bradley Manning and Robert Snowden turned over to Wikileaks.) They don’t let cats go along on the bird counts, I am told, and I don’t blame them.

Anyway, the cat seems to be losing a little weight, and that is good, because we wouldn’t want Pet Obesity Awareness Month to go unobserved at our house.


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