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Two views on the planned casino

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webmaster | 07/16/13

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  • A woman wanted to know “if the gospel (could not understand) has not been in the paper since the first of the month. It would be nice if you would put it back in there for us.”
  • A man who “lived on the 1100 block of Merced Street,” wanted to “know why our water is so cloudy and why the faucet spits and sputters when the water comes out? Is there something wrong with the pumps? I’d like to find out if you could put it in the Tribune.”
  • A caller left a message about being “happy with what’s going on here in Madera, especially with the 4th of July fireworks. Staff out there was great and courteous. The only thing I have to say was at the information booth there was this young girl bending over and exposing quite a bit of her backside. Maybe, before staff goes out there, the supervisor should check to see what they are wearing and that it is appropriate for a family event. Other than that it was a great event.”
  • A man called about “the little area of land on Sunset (Avenue) by Lincoln School was supposed to be, years ago, a park. What happened to community service? It would not take much to put in some sprinklers and grass and make it a beautiful park for the kids to enjoy. I don’t understand what’s going on with all these gang members. They could be put to better use.”
  • A woman said, “hurray for Cheryl Schmit and Stand Up For California, the watchdog gambling group. They filed a referendum to stop the North Fork Rancheria from building their casino off their reservation and have it here in Madera. We do not need this casino right here on our doorstep. If you citizens want to gamble, go to the foothill casinos. We do not need this hellish so-called entertainment here in Madera. We have enough crime.”
  • But another caller said, “get over it. The casino is going in and will be good for Madera. Every community that has built a casino had seen their unemployment go down because it creates so many new jobs, police and fire protection is increased because the casino in that area pays heavily for it, roads and schools are improved because the casinos offer grants to local community service organizations, public works and parks departments. This can only help Madera. I wonder how much the other nearby casinos are paying Ms. Schmit to file that referendum.”
  • A caller replied to the call last week that said the sheriff’s deputies were paid by the casino. The caller spoke very fast and consequently was hard to understand, but the Red Line did discern that he said, “the casinos are not paying for the deputies. They are wasting a lot of taxpayers’ money.”
  • A woman called, “concerning Madera Cinema. They don’t even put in the newspaper what’s playing anymore, but they also don’t answer the phone to let us know what’s playing. What’s up with that? I’ve been trying to get hold of them since July 8.”
  • “The city is always citing homeowners for trash and abandoned cars,” began a man. “I work near the airport and drive out there every day. At the south end of the Madera Airport, just past the last row of hangars, my view is ruined by an old white car that has been there for months, an abandoned dog slide and what looks to be a pile of junk. That is on city-owned property. Why don’t they clean it up? They could plant a little grass and make it as nice as the main entrance to the airport.”
  • “Flight 214 for San Francisco,” began a woman. “There’s no drug tests for foreign pilots? How crazy is that? If they land anywhere on U.S. soil they should have the same requirements as U.S. pilots — no exceptions.”
  • “Last night we went to the Farmer’s Market (in Courthouse Park),” began a man. “I was disappointed because everything was like $1.50 a pound. If you had WIC coupons you could buy whatever you wanted in any quantity. We as taxpayers are watching what we spend and I thought the Farmer’s Market would be a good place to go and get a bargain, but I guess not. It looked like 90 percent of the people out there were illegals and shouldn’t be benefitting from us taxpayers.”
  • A woman had this to say about the hunger strike by inmates in state prisons: “So what if these poor prisoners don’t want to eat. They get too much anyway. They should not have TVs. They should not have computers. They shouldn’t have anything. They are in jail. Jail means nothing. It means punishment.”
  • Another caller said about Thursday’s Farmer’s Market, “I wish the city police would enforce the Elks Lodge member’s-only parking during the Farmer’s Market. The first row next to the lodge and the one opposite is for Elks Lodge members only. After that they can park in the next two rows, but those people park anywhere, even blocking the entrances and exits sometimes. They need to start being towed with the proceeds going to the Elks’ youth programs or their community betterment programs, or even the police retirement fund. The Elks have a great night every year where they honor law enforcement officers and maybe it’s about time they help out the lodge.”
  • “I wanted to know what your address was,” said a woman who waited briefly for the Red Line to reply before hanging up. (Note: The Tribune’s address is 2890 Falcon Drive.)
  • A man “wanted to compliment the Tribune on the article Friday on Chukchansi and the infighting they have. I didn’t realize there was that much stuff going on. The point is there is millions of dollars that are to be made there and these people are fighting? Ultimately, it goes to show that it wasn’t that hard to buy Manhattan from our Native American brothers for some trinkets. Why don’t they just stop fighting and do what they are supposed to do; have fun, make some money and enjoy.”
  • A woman called “about a restaurant on South Gateway (Drive). I have never had a worse hamburger at 9 o’clock at night. The buns were dry. We asked for onions and they came in big chunks. It was the worst service. The tables were filthy, fly infested, only one man serving everyone. Talk about cross-contamination, he was working the register, cooking, serving, cleaning the tables. I will never go back.”
  • “Kudos to a Madera County worker,” said a man. “I don’t know which department he works, but compliments to Richard Delgado. I got his phone number from several growers that he has helped. Somebody dumped some old tires off and I called him. Within about three hours he showed up and did a wonderful job. I wish we had more county employees work that hard and that fast.”

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