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Twerty doing a twerky is a turnoff

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webmaster | 08/28/13

One thing about the English language is that it is always evolving. Take twerky and twerty, for example.

As my hearing gets less acute with advancing years, those two words sound to me like what one eats for Thanksgiving. But, no, that’s turkey, and an act I happened to catch a bit of on television the other night certainly was one of those.

It was a former tween queen twerty doing a twerky that turned out to be a turkey.

The twerty was Miley Cyrus, a Disney diva from years gone by when she was a tween (not quite a teenager) who suddenly finds herself too old to be Hannah Montana (a sweet, young, normal girl she played who happened to be a famous singer) and wants to be a not-so-sweet almost-famous singer-dancer now that she is a twerty, which means someone between the ages of 20 and 30. Are you still with me?

She apparently decided her way to this fame was to make an idiot of herself by twerking during a performance at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night.

Twerking is the act of wiggling one’s behind until one’s hips are about ready to go out of joint, or so it appeared. It is the sort of thing that if you do it, you might have to go to the chiropractor the next day.

Anyway, the performance was in terrible taste, because Hannah Montana will never be the vamp of Savannah. I would have turned it off earlier, but the remote was lost down in the couch cushions, and it took a while to find it.

And then I had to yell at Mrs. Doud, “Get a load of what this woman is doing on television. I can’t believe it.”

There was a time when if you did something like that on television, they would haul you off to jail. But today, much is forgiven. Too much.

I’m glad she is not my daughter. I would be very embarrassed.


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