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Trying for perfection? The world is imperfect

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webmaster | 09/08/12

“When you can’t stand criticism you learn to be a perfectionist.”
— Anonymous

I don’t know whether I am a perfectionist, but I do know I like to do things properly and well (rather than good and proper). I don’t think of it as perfectionism; rather, I prefer to think of it as the manifestation of an insatiable desire to provide a product of which I can be understandably proud.

The challenge most perfectionists face, however, is that they (or we?) live in an imperfect world. I will never achieve perfection, no matter how hard I try. That is a hard and unvarnished fact. There are some cultures which believe that only God is perfect, so whenever a craftsman or artist in that society creates a work of art or product, they intentionally incorporate an imperfection lest they be accused of striving to be godlike.

I am quite fortunate in that I don’t have to intentionally introduce imperfections or errors into what I do; they happen to occur quite naturally for me — and for that I am grateful. It is part of our human nature to make mistakes and to fall short of our goals, dreams, and desires. When I was filling my newly minted bookshelves with books I noticed a screw that did not go where it was supposed to go. Thank the Lord! Heaven forbid I should have done it perfectly...


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