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Tribune readers missing Mondays

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webmaster | 09/10/13

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  • “I just saw a bumper sticker that said Catholics against Obama,” said a man. “I thought there was supposed to be separation between church and politics in the USA. I’m not so sure it is the majority of Catholics. Whatever it is, be careful what you wish for.”
  • A man called to cancel his lost dog ad, but said, “I will call back tomorrow. You are probably closed today.”
  • A man responded to last week’s call “concerning race car driving. “First off, is your name Richard?” He then disconnected.
  • Several calls were received concerning the paper going to five days a week with no Monday edition. “I was so upset,” said a lady. “I immediately thought, I’ll just cancel my subscription and buy the paper on the days when (Bill) Coate’s, (Leon) Emo’s and (Tami Jo) Nix’s columns appear. But crap, that covers every day but Monday, so what’s the use.”
  • Another caller said, “You need to have your ad sales people do their job. You have three terrific writers and you have them all cramped together into two or three days. I’ve noticed Coate and Emo are doing a lot more stories. I’m sure they could produce a Monday column or story too.”
  • “What’s next, every other day?” began a man. “Madera people should be proud of their paper. It’s over 100 years old and still a good read. It’s a great mix of local and other news. I hope with the city growing and as the economy improves that the Tribune gets enough subscribers and advertisers to return to six days a week.”
  • “I don’t care if you go to one day a week,” began a woman. “As long as it is Saturday and as long I get my weekly TV guide.”
  • A gentleman had “a request to Tribune management to arrange for our county librarian to submit a regular column. She obviously has formal training in journalism and she writes about interesting events and interesting people that is neither a travelogue nor autobiography. One current columnist recently observed ‘a good column is a column that sells newspapers.’ I agree, which may explain why the Tribune is suspending printing one additional day a week.”
  • The same gentleman also said, “after reading the features page in Saturday’s paper I noticed in one article the writer had misspelled the name of the notorious Dalton Gang numerous times. Perhaps a little post-Civil War research is called for or after reading Bill Coate’s article the writer may have assumed the name is spelled the same globally. (Note: the writer and the Tribune regret the error).
  • “The newspaper industry has been slowly dying for years,” began a man. “Now the Tribune has decided not to publish on Monday. It is amazing how many people don’t read the newspaper, but rely on television to get in depth information and it really kind of bothers me. So Mondays are gone and pretty soon Fridays will be gone and then the Tribune will be gone — very, very sad.”
  • A man said, “your coverage and pictures on the Rim Fire has been outstanding. It is the type of reporting and stories that make for good reading and worth every penny of why I buy the Tribune. Keep up the good work.”
  • “What has happened to the Blue Man?” asked a woman. “I remember the first story and him going to New York (City) to be on the Today Show and one of your reporters going along. Those were wonderful stories. Can you possibly find out what happened to him?”
  • A man said, “every Saturday I drive down Gateway Drive and last week I nearly got in an accident. I tried to make a turn into the driveway that leads to the Elks Lodge parking lot and like every Saturday there is a carwash going on. They had the driveway blocked washing cars and I was stuck halfway out into Gateway with cars coming. They are there every Saturday. Do they have a business license? They are also wasting a lot of water in a drought situation. The city needs to check this out.”
  • A caller began with “thanks for the memories” concerning “Friday’s Mo’s Musings. You brought back a lot of them with your story on Herb Caen. I started every morning off with Caen.”
  • “It was interesting reading Tami Jo Nix’s column Saturday,” began a woman. “It was about Friday the 13th and like her I am not superstitious about it. However, I disagree that she said Jesus was crucified on a Friday. That is absolutely impossible. Jesus was crucified on Wednesday and he arose Saturday before six o’clock. That gives three days and three nights in the belly of a whale according to the Bible. I wish people would read the Bible and the statistics.”
  • A lady called about fair traffic and said, “Friday, about 6:15 p.m., Cleveland (Avenue) was lined up with people getting into the fair. Two police cars and a motorcycle officer were parked in the driveway back of Walmart as cars were pulling into the do not enter zone against traffic. No wonder they say policemen sit around eating donuts. Just a heads up officers, you need to be looking around instead of visiting.”
  • A man called “to let everyone know how nice the Madera Fair was this year. It is so clean and very nicely run. It’s a great place to take a family. I enjoyed it very much and (manager) Scott Sample does a great job.”

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