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Thoughts on surfing the channels

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webmaster | 06/28/14

I know a few people who either don’t watch television at all, or only watch it a bit. Maybe they rent movies, and watch those on a television set in their home; maybe they don’t have cable, but watch the channels they can get over the air when they watch television at all.

I got to thinking about that one day this week while I was home with a case of the crud (one of those ailments your body occasionally develops when it thinks you ought to take a day off, but the condition isn’t bad enough to kill you or send you running to the emergency room).

I decided to watch some television, and so began to surf the cable channels. They wanted money to allow me to watch the World Cup, so I didn’t tune into that, although I did finally see a match between Belgium and South Korea that was delayed.

Belgium won by 1 point in a 1-0 game, which is apparently quite a spread in soccer. The U.S. will be playing Belgium on Monday, so keep your fingers crossed.

The most interesting soccer item was one in which a Uruguayan, Luis Suarez, bit an Italian player on the shoulder. Now it looks like the biter is in a lot of trouble until everybody forgets about it.

I was reminded of when Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield’s ear off during a boxing match on June 28, 1997. Tyson was disqualified and thrown out of professional boxing for awhile. Suarez was sent home for four months to watch soccer on television.

But I really understood little of what was going on as the soccer match was being played, as I watching it on a Spanish-language station. The announcers were very excited — probably because they knew what was happening.

I found out that particular station is available over the local airwaves, as are others I watch, such as NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and public TV.

Could I get along without cable TV? Probably so, but I’d probably get the jitters in my remote-control thumb.


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