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Thoughts on stopping global warming

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webmaster | 09/28/13

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has met again, this time in Sweden, to tell us that the world is heating up and that we've just got to do something about it. That's because this global warming is our fault, even though over the past 15 years the globe hasn't heated all that much. We should ignore that fact, the climate change people said, because we shouldn't confuse weather with climate change. Weather is what happens every day, while climate change is what happens when nobody's looking.

I am one who believes it has been warming up for about 12,000 years. That long ago, big glaciers, some of them a mile thick, covered much of North America. Now those glaciers are gone, and it is our fault. Apparently, if those glaciers were still there, things would be much better all around. Or, maybe not. Personally, I am glad they are gone, because if they weren't, we'd all have to be living in Mexico, which would be a fine kettle of fish. Instead of Mexicans sneaking up here for work, the rest of us be sneaking down there just to get warm.

Here are some ideas for stopping global warming:

  • Stop having forest fires, especially big ones like the Rim Fire. Forest fires put a lot of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
  • Tell the people in China and India to stop economic development and go back to living in caves.
  • Outlaw cars and trucks in the United States and go back to horses and buggies.
  • Outlaw airplanes, especially jets, which are said to spew greenhouse gases into the atmosphere like nothing else. (That would mean the climate-change people couldn't fly to Sweden, but that would be all right.)
  • Have members of Congress and the state legislatures stay home and just write letters to one another. All you have to do is watch C-Span to realize those Solons are responsible for vast quantities of greenhouse gas when any more than three or four of them get together to talk. The same could be said for the climate panelists.

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