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That’s a lot of wet, dirty cell phones

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webmaster | 11/29/12

One of the most alarming news items I saw Wednesday was in Consumer Reports which said 19 percent of all cell phones eventually get dropped into a toilet.

First, it amazes me the magazine’s staff was able to flush out that statistic.

Second, I wonder what people are doing with their cell phones in a restroom in a position to drop their instruments into the facility.

Third, does anyone put their hand into the bowl, fish out the phone, wipe it off and try to use it? If so, that’s a person with whom I wouldn’t want to shake hand or exchange kisses, knowing where the phone has been. You would not want to nibble the ear or buss the cheek of the user of such a cell phone. At least I know I wouldn’t.

Just in case you’re wondering, I haven’t dropped my cell phone into a commode, but I’ve dropped it a few other places, and if a toilet had been at hand, in the cell phone would have gone, instead of on the carpet, where it usually goes when I drop it.

When I drop my cell phone it’s usually because it has fallen from its belt case when I was trying to answer it. Oops … thud. Not oops … kersplash.

If I go to a restroom, I leave the cell phone behind, or put it in my pocket. I’ve never wanted to call anyone from a restroom. What would people on the other end of the signal think if I told them I was calling them from the gents, or if I didn’t tell them, but they heard a flush? They probably would say: “That’s way too much information. Finish what you’re doing, wash your hands and call me back when it’s safe for me to answer.”

If my cell phone happened to ring while I was in the restroom (it never has), and I happened to have the phone with me, I wouldn’t answer it. It just so happens, I like my privacy. That’s why they have doors on those places.


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