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Thanks for not voting, you idiots

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webmaster | 11/05/12

Somebody told me that somebody had told her that about 90 million Americans who are eligible to vote Tuesday probably won’t. That’s about 45 percent of the eligible electorate. I think that’s just fine.

There probably are more than that who shouldn’t vote, at least as far as I’m concerned.

I don’t want a bunch of idiots making decisions about how our county, our state or our nation should be governed.

For example, many of those 90 million mentioned in the first paragraph aren’t aware an election is under way. How is that possible? How can you be an American and not know people are campaigning for office and for or against ballot measures? We certainly don’t want those people waking up Tuesday morning and deciding to vote.

One reason people ignore political campaigns is that immediate gratification has replaced civic duty as a reason to be politically informed and to vote. Complex issues such as the federal budget don’t usually lead to immediate gratification, so in the minds of many, they don’t count, and thus aren’t worth the trouble of either going to the polls or filling out a vote-by-mail ballot. The same people who would go out of their ways to vote for their favorites on American Idol can’t be bothered to become even moderately informed politically.

Thank goodness they don’t vote. They don’t even get it right when they vote for favorites on “American Idol” or “Dancing With the Stars.”

Our cat would make better choices in those votes, but she doesn’t watch either program. She can’t stand all that cat-erwauling and lumbering about.

Some people say they don’t vote because their vote won’t count. That isn’t true. The votes of idiots count just as much as the votes of ordinary people.

Again, I thank them for staying away from the polls.


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