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Tackling the new year

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webmaster | 01/04/12

Well, here we are gentle reader. Ready to tackle 2012. Hmm, tackling. Something the Raiders and Cowboys should learn so they can make the playoffs next year. But here we are off and running — well for yours truly, with another hip surgery looming, limping — along into the future. What’s ahead? Sheesh, after the results in Iowa yesterday do you think we’ll have a change in the White House?

To paraphrase my own editor, politics has become a practice in negativity. Kapow! Just had an image from Christmas. Maybe they should practice what occurred at the nativity, not negativity. Naw, never happen with either party.

+ + +

Hate to admit it, but maybe Vietnam has the right idea. I won’t get into all the controversy that still rages over that conflict, but the country seems to at least have a hold on its drug problem. Last week five drug traffickers were sentenced to death. Sounds like a great idea. Except for California, where it takes sometimes decades after sentencing to finally send a murderer to the chair, uh, I mean needle.

I liked the electric chair, gas chamber, hanging, but the Supreme Court deemed them inhumane. Gee, you think the killing of an innocent victim was humane? Besides, isn’t there just one Supreme? Let the guy upstairs make the final decision. We’ll just get them there so the good Lord can decide their final fate. Okay, sorry, probably too early to climb on the old soap box...


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