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Surprise! Gasoline prices went up

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webmaster | 09/05/12

A Madera man, having heard last week that gasoline prices were about ready to start decreasing, had this to say: “Of course they are. Gasoline prices always rise during the summer driving season, then drop as soon as the Labor Day weekend is over.”

He was asked whether he didn’t think the recent rise in prices was due to Tropical Storm (aka Hurricane) Isaac. His reply: “There’s always an excuse. This year, it’s the tropical storm, although they always get tropical storms this time of year in the Gulf. Another year, the excuse will be that some refineries have had to shut down for annual retooling and repairs. Another year it will be that the Persian Gulf oil states have raised their prices. There’s always an excuse, and the oil companies have a full year to make the excuse up, because they always know summer gasoline prices will go up, then drop after Labor Day.

“But here’s another thing to remember. Even though the gas prices go down, they never go below where they were when the summer upswing started, or if they do, it isn’t for long. Gasoline prices are perpetually on the increase.”

Those of us who remember driving into the service station and getting four gallons of gasoline for a dollar are especially impressed by today’s prices. If you filled up, you’d get a prize. At least one Maderan has an aluminum drinking glass that was given out years ago as a premium for filling up with gas. Once in a while, you will see such aluminum drinking glasses at garage sales, and they’re usually priced around $10, or more if they’re in extra-good shape.

That’s many times more than what the gasoline cost that was purchased to win the premium. If the oil companies have any of those aluminum glasses in their warehouses, they should hold some garage sales.


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