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State of Jefferson? Not very likely

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webmaster | 09/28/13

It’s secession season again in California. For the seventh time in the last 27 years or so, there’s a movement afoot to split the state.

But while most secession attempts have sought to divide California on a north-south basis, with the divide roughly at the top of the Tehachapi Mountains between Los Angeles and Bakersfield, the latest effort — like the two most recent previous ones — involves far more creative and interesting borders. The previous pair sought east-west splits along political lines, wanting to take the most conservative-leaning parts of California away from coastal counties that tend to vote more liberally.

The newest effort is a completely different twist, even carrying a name: The state of Jefferson.

This one originates in Siskiyou County, a mostly-rural, mountainous area bordering on Oregon that is roughly bisected by the north-south Interstate 5. County supervisors there, confronted by a roomful of citizens frustrated by what they see as neglect and even persecution from state government, voted 4-1 early last month to leave. They’d like to take some other Northern California counties and a few from southern Oregon with them...


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