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Spring has sprung

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webmaster | 03/22/14

First, we got hit with Daylight Savings Time and last Thursday the first day of spring arrived. I don’t get too charged up about spring, I’m more of a fall kind of person. This winter has been so mild it isn’t much of a change. Come on, miracle March rains, we are running out of time.

While I am apathetic about spring, I really dislike when the clocks change. Who but the government thinks if you have a cord of logs and you are able to pull pieces off the bottom of the stack and place them on the top the woodpile gets taller. The practice may have made sense in the olden days, but now all it does is disorient the population until they get their circadian body clocks smoothed out. By then it is fall and time to change it back. The website has many articles expounding theories about the time change both pro and con.

The part I like least about the time change is listening to my better half growl. “Why can’t they just leave it alone,” he says. But he says that about almost anything that changes. When the grocery store rearranges its merchandise and he can’t immediately find his favorite brand of anything, he growls. If left up to him, our computer would still be an IBM clone with a double floppy disk and no hard drive.

Speaking of the olden days, Thursday is the 107th anniversary of Madera. The town was incorporated on March 27, 1907...


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