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Smart watch may not be all that smart

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webmaster | 09/05/13

All people should be aware that the new smart watches are going to make them look like idiots. Try it. Put your smart watch up to your mouth and talk into it. Nothing will happen.

That’s because the smart watch isn’t all that smart. All it can do is tell you that you have a message coming in on your smart phone, which presumably you have in your pocket or in a wallet on your belt, or in your purse. Maybe, if you were smart, you would tie your smart phone to your wrist and answer it when it buzzes.

That is, you could unless your smart phone is one of those big smart phones being marketed by Samsung. That device is about the size of an iPad. It apparently makes great phone calls, but doesn’t look cool when you are holding it to your ear. Some say it looks like you are holding a paperback book to your ear. In fact, some cool, younger people think it makes you look like a goofball.

I’m thinking of getting one of those big smart phones soon. After a person gets beyond a certain age, he doesn’t mind being thought of as a goofball, and it would be handy to have a phone with a screen big enough on which to see things, and also big enough on which to type without making mistakes.

As it is now, when I type on my smart phone, I have to use a stylus, which I would not be without, regardless of what type of smart phone I wind up with. A stylus helps you move things around, type and push buttons without fouling up. Before I discovered styluses, I wasn’t sure what would happen if I pushed a button on my smart phone.

I definitely will use a stylus if I ever get a smart watch, because my fingers likely won’t be able to wind the little winder.


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